Monday, May 06, 2013

“Unmarried, Over Thirty Professional Women: Why Not Seek A Blue-Collar Man?” by Urenna Sander

It’s almost spring and some of your friends have completed plans for their wedding. You’ve received an invitation for a wedding in May. Another overzealous friend from college has sent you her August wedding invitation. Yet, you haven’t found that special man. Nevertheless, your biological clock is ticking…In September, you’ll turn thirty-two. You’ve achieved your Master’s degree, or medical residency training.

Lately, you’ve tried to interconnect with men on the internet, but felt disconnected when you met them. Maybe they weren’t a good fit; too superficial. You’re looking for the best provider. Maybe you’ve dated too many egotist who wore Zegna suits and drove a Mercedes-Benz. Maybe their view of a mate is a trophy wife. If so, you need to take a good look at the blue-collar man. Not wearing a white shirt and necktie doesn’t mean he’s dull.

Jacquelyn Smith wrote an article in Forbes Magazine ( on “America’s Best Paying Blue-Collar Jobs.” Her list describes the top paying 20 jobs.

Perhaps socio-economically you’re considered upper middle class or middle class. However, did you know elevator installers and repairers make over $73,000.00 a year and the top 10 percent over $105,000? Smith suggested you think about that the next time you have to walk up 20 flights of stairs. In addition, transportation inspectors and telecommunication equipment installers make decent salaries too.

It’s possible family and friends might be dismissive of your relationship with a blue-collar worker. Your professional and social network might have nothing in common with your new beau.

Don’t try the Pygmalion effect on your relationship with this man. Don’t try to make him over. Don’t try to make him anybody when he’s already somebody. Examine his work ethic, compatibility and values, because they are more important than his rank.

He didn’t graduate from high school and become a high salaried blue-collar worker. He has specialized training and education. Respect and accept him for who he is.

Your blue-collar man might be just what the doctor ordered: A loving, passionate, humorous man, who makes you laugh, loves animals, enjoys books, a good beer, sports, motorcycles, soul or rock music. Moreover, he might enjoy a glass of Condrieu; listen to your eclectic mix of Vivaldi, Leontyne Price, Nina Simone, and Diana Krall.

Take your time; don’t rush. If he’s the one, and the chemistry is right, he’ll give you fathomless love and happiness, and deliver a great ride.

* * *

Bio: Urenna Sander is the author of “True Season of Love,” a love story with many surprises concerning the characters, Olivia and Ptolemy. 

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