Monday, February 25, 2013

Personal Profiles: Reading between the Lies by Miss Know It All

Sometime ago, I saw a court case on television involving a couple. The male plaintiff was suing his ex-girlfriend for half the payment of a car, which he had rented for the both of them to take a trip.

The two met on an online dating site. The defendant came across the plaintiff's personal profile. She became very interested in his bio, which indicated that he was divorced. She decided to contact him. For several weeks, they emailed each other. Eventually they exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet in person. The two became smitten with each other; within a short period, the couple began dating. However, the relationship was doomed before it got started.

During the courtship, the defendant discovered that the plaintiff was married but was not legally separated from this wife. The Judge asked him if he was divorced, and his reply was no. When the Judge brought up the fact that he had lied about his marital status in his personal profile, the plaintiff’s reply was that he was divorced from his first wife but was still married to his second wife while he was seeing the defendant.

There is a moral to this story. When a person describes himself or herself as divorced, ask from which spouse. Is it spouse number one, two, or three? Before you become involved with someone you meet online, take the time to make certain the person is truthful about his or her marital status.

To avoid being embarrassed on national TV, do a thorough background check before committing yourself to anyone. Get to know the individual before becoming emotionally and physically attached. Forming a relationship is easy. Getting out of a relationship built on lies can be costly.

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Siggy Buckley said...

Great post. It would never have dawned on me. I should have known, however. When we lived in Ireland and called a handyman, he'd say: On Monday. When he didn't turn up, I asked the next one: Which Monday?