Monday, February 18, 2013

Great Holiday Destinations for Romantic Weekends by Elle-Rose Williams

When you first start dating, heading away for a romantic weekend is the things dreams are made of. As Bridget Jones once said, a weekend away together is when you first know the relationship is going somewhere!

Of course, because of all of this, it’s important to get the destination spot on! Pick the wrong place and you might end up with a disaster weekend, rather than a passionate romantic weekend – which is no doubt what you’re aiming for!

Here we’ve put together our best selection of romantic weekend getaway locations… so enjoy!

Paris - Paris is one of the first locations that pops into anyone’s head when you mention romance – after all – this is the city of love! The famous love story Moulin Rouge was set here – and you can even explore Moulin Rouge whilst you’re in Paris. A great way t get there is on the EuroStar – as it’ll take you straight into the city – so you can start exploring right away. Enjoying walking along the romantic Paris streets, take in the atmosphere and even enjoy a coffee overlooking the Eiffel Tower. It really is hat dreams are made of. The Eiffel Tower is hugely romantic if you want to score romantic brownie points on this trip though – so make sure you don’t miss this off your itinerary!

London - London is a great city to spend the weekend in – and has just about everything you could hope for. There is world-class shopping for those who love browsing the rails, but there are always lots of historical monuments, museums, galleries and tourist attractions. For something super romantic, try taking a walk along the embankment at sunset, and then taking a ride on the London Eye in the evening where you can look over the glittering lights of the city. You can even get champagne packages on the London Eye, which is really something special and something you’ll never forget!

Venice - They say that you should never take a Gondola ride, unless it’s with the person you love – so where else could be more romantic for your first vacation together. Venice is small enough to enjoy in a weekend too – as it’s a very small city and the joy of visiting is more about the experience, than cramming in tourist attractions and sights. Enjoy the lifestyle during your time here and take in the different way of life here. Sip a coffee whilst watching the world go by, or have a candle-lit dinner overlooking the ocean.

Dubai - If you fancy something a little bit more flash, and have a long-weekend to waste, then Dubai is a great choice. It is home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, so spend your weekend soaking in the luxury and soaking up the sunshine whilst lying by the pool! For something extra special try taking a trip up the Burj Kalifa, the world’s tallest building – where the sunset views will make anyone’s heart melt. You can see just about everything from up here for miles around – and it is truly breathtaking that’s for sure.

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