Monday, June 04, 2012

Some Humorous Tactics Men Use to Get a Woman’s Attention - Part 2 by Vivienne Diane Neal

If there is any behavior that will turn off most women, it is the woofing howling syndrome. These gestures usually occur among groups of men trying to outdo each other, to see if women will respond. Their main objective is to draw a female audience and make idiots of themselves. If a man really wants to get your attention, he will do it when he is alone and not openly share his objective with other men. What would be the point?

This next approach makes about as much sense as a mosquito traveling to Mars. If a man is in his vehicle and sees a woman crossing, sometimes, he will start pumping the gas peddle to get her attention.  This ploy alone is enough to make any woman become horror-struck and take flight. She might think your aim is to run her over.

Lately, the method used to get a woman’s consideration seems to be evolving.  In many cases, when a man sees a woman coming down the street, he will start to hum or sing a song. Do not get egotistical and assume he is singing to get your attention. He may be gearing himself for a record deal or thinking about auditioning for a spot on American Idol. However, the last thing a woman wants to hear is some man making a complete fool of him, especially if that individual cannot carry a tune, or the melody is unfamiliar. Yet, nothing can be more humorous than a man who approaches a woman at a bus stop and then ask, “Are you lost.” Is this anyway to get a woman’s attention?

What ever happened to a plain old “Hello,” “Good Morning," "Good Afternoon," or "Good Evening," with a smile and serious eye contact? This is not to say the woman would be in awed of, attracted to or responsive to a man, but these words and a sincere glance will certainly leave a lasting impression and may even be a great lead in to a possible dialogue, but only if the woman reciprocates.

About the Author:

Born in 1946, Vivienne Diane Neal is a storyteller with a wicked sense of humor. Vivienne has been writing articles for over twenty years and started writing fictional short stories in 2007. She gets her dark romance story ideas from observing people, places and things and watching true TV court cases.

Vivienne is the author of Making Dollar$ And Cent$ Out Of Online Dating, Shades of Deception, Malicious Acts and Wicked Intent. Her fourth book, Retribution Unleashed will go to press in the winter of 2012.

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Removals France said...

I am just wondering if men are awar of the fact how ridiculous they look in our eyes trying to make impression in the most silliest among all the ways! They should know that, I suppose- but what makes them to continue with this absurd strategy! A woman appreciates natural behavious and a simple joke rather than clown tricks.