Monday, June 18, 2012

3 Reasons Falling in Love Feels So Good By Elizabeth Nelson

People love to be in love. But why? Well, it feels good, that’s why. But what makes love so addictive? Why does it feel so good? Here are three reasons behind our love of love.

1. Touch – Everyone needs to be touched. It is a part of how we are built. But society has very strict rules on who, how, and where you can touch. Those rules are broken, however, in a romantic relationship. When two people fall in love, touch norms go out the window. Touch is one of the strongest ways to form an attachment to a person. So, the more you touch, the more you love.

2. Endorphins – With touch comes endorphins. That feel-good buzz that comes along with love? Yeah, you can blame these guys. A natural ‘love high’ is formed when you receive and give affection, attention and care. These activate other hormones in your body that can strengthen these feeling and make it last, to a lesser degree, for the long term.

3. Attention – Everyone wants to feel special. And what can make you feel more special than someone’s undivided attention. When you are falling in love, you can think of nothing else but that person. Any time they are in the room, your eyes, thoughts, and probably hands are on them. When they are away, you immediately answer any texts, emails or phone calls. You give them all your attention, and that feels great.


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Filipino gilrs said...

I just want someone who will STAY in my I won't have to worry about another goodbye.

african woman said...

Amazing facts about being inlove!I really do agree with you. It really feels that someone takes good care of you and in return you also take good care for him. Love needs no reason. I am proud to say that I am really inlove.

Ukraine dating said...

There must be more then 3 reasons to fall in Love.
Love is natural ...