Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Recognize When Your Lover is Playing You by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All

The signs are always there. For some reason, many women choose to ignore them when someone is playing them for a fool.

When a man becomes unemployed and has no money to fall back on, and is not contributing to the household, this is a revealing sign that you have become his financier. Therefore, your antenna should be working in full gear. The message should be loud and clear. You need to kick this one to the curb.    

However, when he has the nerve to ask you to buy him a gym membership so that he can keep himself in shape in order to find a job, and because you love him, you oblige him. It has now been a year and you have not received any payments from this man, and he is still unemployed. By now, you should realize that this person is playing you for an absolute fool.

Now, if you opt to continue supporting this individual, then that is your business. When he depletes your funds and ruins your credit, and leaves you high and dry, he will move on to next person. Your course of action is to take him to civil court and sue for monetary damages, which you may or may not receive.

So, when it comes to romance and money, heed to the warning signs right from the start. Sooner than later, a player will always show his true colors.


DarrenFW said...

Good post. It seems men and women are not so different.

Filipino girls said...

Nice post !! The things that you mentioned on your article are definitely true.