Monday, April 16, 2012

An Erotica Author Who Never Goes Midway

Guess what? Bridget Midway’s contemporary interracial BDSM (can you hear the whip crack?) erotic romance novella "Carried Away" through Whispers Publishing is now on sale through All Romance eBooks! Her story is the third story that completes the series along with authors Yvette Hines ("Stealing the Bride") and Aliyah Burke ("If You Dare"). If you haven't already gotten their stories, don't wait! Be sure to get all 3! And yes, all 3 stories will be in 1 anthology called Taken, and it will be available in ebook and print in late April or May.

Synopsis of Carried Away

What happens when you can’t face your perfect man?

Summer Carter faces that dilemma as her two best friends, Kathryn Maynard and Leya Greenwood, convince her to honor their pact and take her adventure. She flees to a tropical Hawaiian paradise when she can’t face her online Dom, Xander. The reality of the relationship and what she really wants in a man is too much for her to face.

Xander Houston never saw himself as a Dom who would need to look for a submissive on a personals site. But when he encounters a witty and intriguing profile for a submissive named End of Summer, he strikes up a fast friendship with her. Months later, she still refuses to meet him face to face, and he tells her he’s going to take a break.

Coincidentally, both end up in Hawaii on separate vacations. When Xander finds her and figures out who she is, he cooks up a plan to sweep her off her feet, not as a Dom, but just as Xander.

When Summer discovers the truth, will she run away from her secret Dom or will she allowed herself to get carried away?

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Moving Storage said...

The story is quite intriguing! It is unparalleled feeling to be carried away by the pleasant feeling called love.

Bridget Midway said...

Thank you so much for the feature! Glad you dug the story, Moving Storage.