Monday, January 30, 2012

A Pre Valentine’s Day Special: Featuring Mary M. Forbes, Author of Four Romance Books

Mary M. Forbes, Author

Forever an optimist with hope in her heart, Mary M. Forbes loves creating stories with happy endings and overcoming severe conflicts to obtain that end. She has written three historical romances, set in the colorful, little known Canadian West, which makes Hawk's Gift, (Canada's Civil War), Alberta Wild Rose (fabled Lost Lemon Gold Mine), and Paradise on the Horizon (homesteading in the wilderness) true romance stories, in a unique setting. Her latest romance is a contemporary romance involving an unlikely romance and set in the cowboy atmosphere of Calgary, Alberta. She is presently working on a romance suspense "Angels Among Us," which she hopes to have available in the fall of 2012.

Many individuals go through life wondering if they’ll ever meet the one. “One Dance with a Stranger” takes readers through the journey of a country superstar’s life and his determination to find true love, even if it means pursuing his brother’s troubled fiancée.

Throughout each page of this book, author Mary M. Forbes shares an up and down journey of one very twisted love story; and in the end, it is evident that opposites really do attract.

Whether it is fate or destiny, love happens for a reason, but the ultimate question is, “Can this love survive?”

This is a love story full of romance, seduction and corruption that is sure to get the heart racing. Experience a story of magic; readers will not only leave satisfied, but wanting more from Forbes.


...She couldn't seem to summon the energy to break his hold. He allowed her that small concession, twining his fingers with hers instead. The gliding motion caused her heart to pound. How could just dancing cause her heart to pound? And how could she of all people be feeling this way about a man she didn't even like?...


Midwest Reviews - Greenspan's Bookshelf: One Dance with a Stranger by Mary M. Forbes

Love matters to some, but it doesn't matter to others. "One Dance with a Stranger" is a romance that follows a truly unique relationship. Emily Van Sheldon wants anything in the world to get out of the poorhouse, even if it means marrying only for profit. But she may get both in the package of country singer Wade Hart, however she finds it hard to go off her beaten track for success in life. "One Dance with a Stranger" is a choice pick that should not be ignored by romance fans.

About the Author

Mary M. Forbes lives in the Rocky Mountain Wilderness and travels extensively throughout Canada and the USA. Mary is an avid reader of all genres. She enjoys country music, cowboys, horses, the outdoors, history and travelling. She has completed “Writing for Children and Teenagers” and “The Writing School” courses as well as attending DeVry Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta and completed courses in Adobe Photoshop and Movie Editing. Other accomplishments are in accounting and she is a Certified Weather Observer. Her true passions are writing, exploring and researching both in western USA and in Canada.

All of the author’s books are available in soft cover and Kindle form at and (Canada), Create Space and other e-publishing stores.

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Could there be any reason to fall in love with a useless drifter?  Read ‘Hawk’s Gift’ by Mary M. Forbes. Available at Amazon.

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Tina-Sue said...

I'm so happy I dropped by and I saw this post!
Mary, your books definitely sound uniquely Canadian, places and times that haven't been written about enough. Great excerpt and I loved the first line of this post, "Forever an optimist with hope in her heart".
Wishing you much success.