Monday, January 23, 2012

Is A Woman’s Weight Important When Searching for a Lifetime Partner?

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Question...Yesterday, I met a potential client who was a successful international business lawyer in her late 30s, great personality, etc. However, she was visibly quite overweight. I personally think that people should look beyond the weight factor when looking for a life partner but from experience, I know that most of our male clientele are looking for women who are from thin to normal in weight. When I tactfully tried to tell her that from experience, “I know it is very challenging to match women who are overweight.” I just saw the disappointment on her face. She came to us with high hopes and ideals, and I feel awful at the thought that I may have let her down. Any advice on this matter?
Professional Matchmaker

Dear Professional Matchmaker...Bringing up a person's weight is a very touchy subject. I would never mention a person's weight unless they asked for my advice. Men say they are looking for one thing and usually end up getting something else. Since I do not deal with singles on a face-to-face basis, and I am not a professional matchmaker, I cannot give much advice on how to deal with this issue. When I had my singles printed publication, nine times out of ten, weight was never an issue. I had men and women of all shapes and sizes seeking a soul mate. Nevertheless, when I see couples in my community, which is ethnically and culturally diverse, and in my family and friends, weight is not an issue. If you must mention weight with your client, handling it in a sensitive and compassionate manner, as you did, is the best way.


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