Monday, January 16, 2012

Erotic Escapes Ebooks is looking for Erotic and Romance Authors

Deb Cole, founder of Erotic Escapes Ebooks, wants your masterpieces to be included on her site. Ever since she was a teenager, Ms. Cole wanted to be an author of romance books and own a bookstore. Now both of her wishes are about to come true. She is an author and is now launching her bookstore. However, it cannot happen without YOU, the author.

Deb is now looking for New and Self Published Authors, who write Romance, Erotica, Science Fiction, Suspense, Horror, and Paranormal books. If you do not see your category listed, it does not mean she will not be interested in your work.

Four columnists are also joining the site, and she is looking to fill some of their educational and instructional Sex Health books.

With the help of friends, she started the site, but she also needs your help by offering your works on the site. She thinks it will be a good fit for the site and the authors.

For more information on submitting your work, please visit Erotic Escapes Ebooks. If you have any questions, you can send an email or call 231-414-1303.

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