Monday, March 14, 2011

Steps to Better Health and an Out of This World Sex life. :)

March is National Nutrition Month, a time to evaluate your food selections and eating habits. Here are a few recommendations to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and maybe add more spice in the bedroom.
  • Phone calls have fewer calories than snacks, unless you eat and talk at the same time. Try to eat more nutritious snacks such as dry fruits, nuts and seeds.
  • Eat in moderation.
  • Go natural. Consume more whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.
  • When it comes to dessert, desert the table and limit your consumption of refined sugars.
  • Go easy on alcoholic beverages. Get high on water.
  • Check to see if your number is up by having your blood cholesterol tested. A desirable number is under 200.
  • Become a private investigator and make it your business to examine food labels.
  • Walk!
  • Add more spice to your life. Use herbs and spices in place of salt.
  • Expose yourself to the natural sunlight. This is one way to get your Vitamin D. About 15 minutes will do it.
  • Limit your fat intake to fewer than 30% of your total calories for the day.
  • Make meat a side dish and not the main course.
  • Keep a tight rein on fry foods. Bake, boil, broil, poach or steam.
These guidelines are just that, guidelines. There is no need to deny yourself when it comes to certain foods, unless you are on a restricted diet or under a health professional’s care. Remember, we are talking about eating naughty foods in moderation not eliminating these foods from your life forever. Enjoy!

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Zabrinah said...

Hehe! I love your play on words! This post is really awesome. I agree that walking is such a key to better health! A lot of us take it for granted.