Monday, March 07, 2011

Online Dating: 5 ways to benefit your search by Ivana

It cannot have escaped your attention that the well-trodden paths of conventional dating have been looking a little empty of late as thousands of people are taking the game online. For many it’s liberating and enables the shyer   among us to take the time to construct a profile and build a relationship slowly and carefully. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of this wealth of opportunity:

1. Decide on your objective

Whether you’re looking for casual friendships that might become something more or you’re in the market for marriage, there are services to suit your every need. So choose your dating website carefully, as deliberate selection will lead to more fruitful results.

2. A recent – and natural – photo is vital

Of course it's tempting to use that old photo of you from 10 years ago, or the more recent one that's been edited to within an inch of its life, but by having something simple and likeable from the beginning, you’re putting yourself in far better stead to meet someone real. Of course you don't need to show what you look like first thing in the morning right off the bat, but something natural and expressive of your personality and interests will make you far more compelling.

3. It's quality not quantity

Don't be afraid to be a little specific in your profile. It’s important to remember you’re looking for someone who responds to you, not a superhero with your face. So maybe you don't have aspirations to donate your possessions to charity and go off to find yourself on top of a mountain, but finding someone who‘ll veg out on the sofa on a Sunday with you will be far more gratifying in the long run than admiring responses from people who don't match you. The same goes for the emails you send: don't hedge your bets by sending mass proposals to as many people as you can; find some who truly interest you and message them individually.

4. Easy does it

A little apprehensive of the pressure that a full-on dinner date might bring? Why not try easing yourself into it with a quick coffee Think of it as something of a pre-date: it will enable you to scope each other out, without the nerves that can sometimes overtake potentially awkward situations, and you can decide to take it further from there.

5. Don't lose heart!

It isn't about finding anyone – it’s about finding someone special. If you’ve chosen your dating website carefully and been realistic, then you’re in the same boat as very many others looking for the same kind of thing. So don't be disheartened if your search appears fruitless to begin with: you’re not looking for a quick fix, but a long-term conclusion, which deserves some time and patience.

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