Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 5 Dating Apps for Women

Getting a date is only the first step. Making sure that it goes well and is another hurdle in itself. To make sure that the whole process goes smoothly, check out these great apps that can help you from excusing yourself from a date gone wrong to learning how to charm his socks off.

Charm Him. Even if you're certain you've found the man of your dreams, the trick is to not only to get him to notice you, but to keep him interested. This neat app promises to help women learn how to woo your date from beginning to end by teaching the tricks and the trade of attraction and romance. The app separates advice into several categories, including conversation, fashion and grooming, body language, storytelling and theory and mindset. It also tells you what not to do. Cost: 99 cents

Excuse me. For those times when you could really need an escape from your disaster date, download this app that places fake calls and texts to your phone. But unlike its competitors, this app not only lets you set a timer and shows a "slide to answer" screen, but is also offers an indistinguishable voice on the other end (so it seems like a real phone call). So if the date is going all wrong, get out when you can. And if it's going perfectly, then just ignore the call and score some brownie points for being a very attentive date. Cost: $1.99 

Coverup. In the beginning, both parties try to pretend that neither of them releases any kind of gaseous bodily odors or emissions. While we are all human and know what generally happens behind a closed bathroom door, this clever apps let's you keep up the charade for extended period of time by generating "appropriate" bathroom noises such as flushing, running water and the soft buzz of a hand dryer to disguise another kind of err, "un lady" like sounds. Cost: $0.99

Date Check. Afraid you'll end up with a total creeper? Download this free app to do a free background check on your date, including criminal records, details about home ownership and property, and other important information. Cost: Free

Little Black Book. For those of you who like to juggle dates, keep names and faces organized with this handy app. It not only lets you store a list of everyone you've ever dated, but it also lets you attach ratings, pictures, and "information" section where you can put enter your dates' favorite foods and size. What makes this app so special is that it even includes a locking system in case there is a particular person you don't want to end yup drunk dialing. Cost: $4.99

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