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How Some Men Would React if a Woman Proposed to Them by Miss Know It All

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

Miss Know It All 

As you know, February 29, is Leap Day where in some cultures women can propose to men. We asked men on a few social networks as to how they would react if a woman proposed to them. We certainly got our responses. Some will leave you laughing while others will leave you in awe. Answers have been edited for clarity.

That happened to me

Oh hell no! Got married once, got the t-shirt, not interested in getting married again

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Run away screaming

Be confused. I think I would glitch out, & faint.

I'd say, "Thank you, I'm very flattered, but I'm already married"

There is no woman I am close enough to, but if I was and she did propose, I'd think that would be great

I would react with a Yes

My wife would probably punch her in the face before it registered in my head what happened

There's a probability I'll respond "no." So the odds are not good

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That will never happen to me. But on a serious note, whenever it does happen, it's a surprise to be sure but a welcomed one

Does this mean I don’t have to save up to 2 months' salary?

I’d love it!


A girl of mine would never try something like that. Lol

That would give me the ick

I’d be just as surprised as my wife

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