Monday, September 04, 2023

How to Experience a Stress-Free Romantic Relationship

Patrick Mukasa

According to journalist Patrick Mukasa, women who have surpassed the age of 26 tend to possess more resourcefulness and understanding and such qualities make them more suitable partners for men, especially those facing financial challenges.

Mukasa's perspective questions age and financial compatibility in relationships.

Patrick Mukasa, a Ugandan journalist, delivers a thought-provoking insight into alleviating financial stress by offering a rather unconventional piece of relationship advice.

According to Mr. Mukasa, one effective strategy for troubled men to find relief is to stay clear of dating women under 26.

“Materialistic stuff easily moved women in their early 20s, and a financially struggling man will end up poor trying to please such a lady,” said Mukasa. Cut your coat according to your size. However, Mukasa clarifies that his recommendation does not advocate pursuing relationships with sugar mummies.

Mukasa's words raised questions about age and money in relationships. Some people agreed with him while others strongly rejected the idea on the social network’s comment section:

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"But they don't tell me their actual age, so how will I differentiate between a 26 and a 22-year-old?"

"It’s actually not about age if you ask me."

"But if fate lands you on a sugar mummy with pure intentions, why not?”

“You are correct."

"That gender fears nothing. Only God will save us, period."


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One World Singles Blog asked people on a popular social network if a woman over 26 tends to possess more financial resources and understanding when it comes to having a stress-free romantic relationship. Following are some interesting thoughts that were edited for clarity:

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“Of course, people learn as they age. However, no relationship exists that is completely stress-free. There is always negotiation, compromise, and sometimes tough conversations to be had, even in a perfect relationship.”

“No such thing. The only stress-free life is living alone and never taking risks. But when it's good, it's well worth the stress.”

“No relationship is ever entirely stress-free. Even being older than 26 or 36, there is stress. But in my experience, after 30, I put up with a lot less than I did in my 20s. Therapy helps.”

“No relationship is stress-free.”

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