Monday, March 13, 2023

Great Mysteries, Thrillers and Suspense Written by Remarkable Storytellers By Vivienne Diane Neal

Following are stories that will leave you wanting more. To purchase, just click on the title. Enjoy!


Dr. Glass (A Psychological Thriller) by Louise Worthington - A psychologist receives an ominous letter base on an article she wrote regarding filicide.


The Wrong Kind (Hannibal Jones Mystery Series) by Austin S. Camacho - A mother, living in a shelter, hires a private investigator to find her missing daughter who may be in danger.


Looking for Henry Turner (A Mo Gold and Bernie Mysteries - Book 1) by W.L. Liberman - A mother hires two private investigators to find her son who has been missing for 8 years.


Liar, Liar by L.G. Davis - A promising writer, with a dark past, discovers her husband is having an affair and creates a diabolical plan that will have dire consequences.


Not Guilty by Linette King - A successful talk-show host believes her husband’s mother does not like her because of her race.


Blood Rites: Rise of the Best by C.Y. Marshall - An enslaved, husband transforms into an avenging entity when a brutal owner kills his wife.


Acts of Betrayal by Sekinah Jackson - After almost hitting a man with her car, a successful owner of a lip-gloss company becomes infatuated with him, believing she has met her soulmate.


Professor Law by Jonathan D. Rosen and Amin Nasser - A successful divorce attorney, found dead from an apparent suicide, may be just another victim of foul play.

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