Monday, February 27, 2023

Breakup Lines That Will Leave You Spinning By Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All

Breaking up with someone means the relationship is over. It is the end of a precious bond that you have put your heart and soul into maintaining. The ending can be a blessing in disguise or an upsetting occurrence. Either way, most of us have gone through a breakup and have heard some of the most baffling lines that people have used. With the onset of social media and various apps, the breakup has become even more outlandish. Maybe it is my age. There was a time when a telephone call, a face-to-face conversation, a Dear John Letter, or a note by snail mail would have sufficed.

What can be annoying are the reasons folks give for breaking up. Some are hilarious while others are downright confusing. Therefore, without further ado, the following are some breakup lines that will leave you wondering, “What the devil was he or she really saying?”

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It is not you; it is I - This is one of the most commonly used and very corny ways of saying. “I really did not want to tell you how exhausted I am with our relationship, yet, I did not want you to feel terrible about it. Really?


I need to focus on my profession right now - We all have thoughts about our careers, but that is something you should have made clear before wasting each other’s time.


We are better off as friends - I am a firm believer that you should become friends first before getting into a serious relationship, but what this really means is that the person is not really into you. This is one way of saying, “I am a friend zoning you and do not wish to date you. I really see you as one of my associates.”

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I am not ready for commitment - These words are just bad. If being in a committed relationship is not your aspiration, do not make it a reason for not wanting to put the effort into maintaining that relationship.


I do not want to hurt you - Unless you are a sadist or masochist, I cannot see anyone wanting to be in a tactless relationship. After all, love is not supposed to hurt.

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I think we are moving too quickly - The message means the person is not planning to be with you for long and is likely seeing someone else.


You deserve better - The individual should have realized that before forming a relationship.


These are just some of the breakup lines tossed on social media. If you know of any breakup lines that left you reeling, send them to and we will post them soon.

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