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10 Resources to Help You Open a Business With Your Significant Other by Meredith Jones

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Opening a business with your significant other can bring you closer together and help you realize your dreams - but it’s also a major undertaking! Perhaps browsing blogs like One World Singles has prompted you to consider embracing the road less traveled. If you’re enthusiastic about launching a business together, turn to these resources for advice!


Business Logistics


When it comes to business, logistics have to come before romance. Here are a few administrative items to include on your mutual to-do list!


      Sit down together to write a business plan.

      Does your current home lack enough space for an office? Consider moving somewhere bigger together and research property prices.

      Write up an official Partnership Agreement so that you can structure your business as a general partnership for simplified taxes!

      Think about how you can fairly delegate different tasks.


Managing Your Company Together


Running a business on your own is tough, but taking on this endeavor with your significant other might introduce you to some additional challenges.


      This guide will help you deal with business disagreements in a productive way.

      Want to offload some of the work? Hire employees to free up more time for yourselves.

      Talk to an advisor about separating your business bank accounts from your family’s personal finances.


Cultivating Romance


Don’t let your relationship take a backseat to your business! These tips will help you strengthen your romantic connection without sacrificing your entrepreneurial success.


      Mix up your routine with one of these creative date night suggestions!

      Enjoy a fun activity together that has nothing to do with work, like reading.

      Make sure to practice self-care individually to relieve stress.


Starting a business with your partner can be rewarding. The key is finding balance in your approach. With these resources, you can succeed in both business and romance!


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About the Writer - Meredith Jones believes that working together brings out the best in people — especially when they are doing good for the world. She created as a way to inspire folks near and far to give back to their communities and engage with others who want to help. The proud mom of two daughters, Meredith, and her family spend most of their free time exploring Alabama's beautiful lakes, gulf shores, and other natural wonders.

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