Monday, July 18, 2022

How to Find Love - Dating Tips From A Single Mom

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“You are not a bad mom if you go out on a few dates,” says Megha Vohra who found her partner on a dating app.

Whether you are newly single or returning to dating after a period of prioritizing yourself and your kids, dating as a single parent can feel daunting.

However, with honesty, clear communication, and good boundaries, getting back out there can be super fun and fulfilling.

Megha Vohra, a single mother, found her partner on Bumble, a woman-friendly dating app, during the lockdown in 2020. As a mother of two lovely kids, she challenged antiquated societal norms and has been in a successful relationship with her partner for two years.

Megha, who works as a human design coach, shares a few tips on how to navigate your dating journey as a single mother:

1. Move on - The circumstances that led to you being a single parent could be distressing or devastating. However, this is another chance for you to learn from your experiences and get it right. Before you decide to anchor in with someone, have a relationship with yourself. Give yourself all the love you can, and eventually, that light will attract the right person for you.

2. Be open to possibilities - There might be reasons that hold you back from starting over. Sometimes you might meet people who are not a great fit for you, or sometimes you will hold yourself back. The key is to be you and keep an open mind about adapting to new ways of life. Do not feel guilty for choosing and prioritizing yourself for a few hours in a day or week. You are not a terrible mom if you go out on a few dates!

3. Be transparent with your children - If you are thinking of dating as a single mother, have a chat with your kids about the possibility that you might fall in love with someone and help them be open to you about their feelings. Being open with your children is the best gift you can give yourself. Remember, your kids always come first. However, they love to see their parents happy.

4. Know when to introduce your partner to your kids - You do not need to introduce someone right away. Take your time and let it happen organically. Try to introduce the person as a friend first and gradually move on to your romantic involvement. Dating as a single mom involves a bit more work, and with fewer opportunities to chat and hang out, developing a relationship can be a slow burn. 

The upside is that the connections you make are likely to be built on more solid foundations, making them worth the extra effort. Give yourself the freedom to choose the life you want and you will get yourself the right life partner! 

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