Monday, March 21, 2022

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News from Travel Noire

The Ritz-Carlton On Water: Hotel Launches Caribbean Yacht Experience - Starting in May, Evrima — a yacht experience from The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection — promises to provide guests with a unique Caribbean cruise experience. Learn More→


Southwest Airlines Offers Interest-Free Payment Plans On Flights As Low As $49 - Southwest Airlines has teamed up with Uplift to offer interest-free payment plans on the carrier's flights— including those to Hawaii. Learn More→


Pharrell Williams Is Adding Another Hotel To His Collection With A Luxe Resort In The Bahamas - Pharrell, along with his partner are partnering with Atlantis Paradise to open a new resort in The Bahamas that will be named 'Somewhere Else.' Learn More→


Barack Obama's Former White House Travel Director Is Changing The Face Of Luxury Travel - After serving in the White House as President Barack Obama's White House Travel Director, Ashley Tate-Gilmore and her family-owned business Fortis Global is redefining luxury travel concierge services. Learn More→


The Top Destinations For Medical Tourism, What They're Know For & Cost Of Services - Over the past few years, medical tourism has become a trend that has led millions of people to travel to find affordable medical services. Learn More→


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News from Travel Awaits

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