Monday, August 09, 2021

Ten Spellbinding Books You Should Be Reading by Vivienne Diane Neal

While adjusting yourself from the slowly lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, these ten books will provide you with so much intrigue, suspense, espionage, and a touch of the unknown. You will be too involved in these stories to remember there was a pandemic. Enjoy and happy reading.


Stitches by Tiffany Christina Lewis - A non-conformist detective along with his newly assigned assistant investigates a gruesome murder.


Contracts & Bullets (A Leroy Silver Adventure) by Alex Cage - The government hires an assassin to eliminate a war criminal.


Agent Red - Fatal Target - ( A Teagan Stone Book 2) by Ava S. King - An operative, whose memory is slowly coming back from a past botched mission, sets out to thwart a threat against the United States.


A Murder Among Friends by Jennifer Lewis Williams - A surrogate carrying a baby for a Gay couple is abducted.


The Monarch Butterfly by Kimberly A. LaGrone-DeMarco - During a storm, a blurred figure helps two friends lost in the woods.


Within The Shadows by Brandon Massey - A son searching for help after his father gets into an automobile accident finds a mansion that may have an eerie relationship with his father.


The Devil’s Prayer (Book 2) by J. D. Oliva - Burglars steal an anonymous painting from a museum in the Netherlands.


Games of Guilt by Terry Keys - A detective receives news that a serial killer has struck again.


The Death Draft (Christina Avery Series Book 1-5) by Maxwell T. Blackmore - An author assaulted by thugs senses her ex-husband may have been responsible for the offense.


Material Witness (The Drew Smith Series) by Norwood Holland - A lawyer is accused of murdering his best friend.

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