Monday, November 04, 2019

When You Break the Girlfriend Code by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All

The girlfriend code is an unwritten and often unspoken set of guidelines/morals that exist between a woman and her best friends. They are the commandments that outline the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors of a good and lasting relationship. Whether the rules are implicit or explicit, they can make or break a friendship.

Of course, there are loads of codes that best friends follow, but we are only going to focus on one. What happens when your best girlfriend, (we'll call her Suzy) kicks her boyfriend, whom she's been dating for six weeks, to the curb because he is too nice? She wants a man who has a hard-hitting manner, but several months later her best friend, (we'll call her Beatrice) meets him at an event and he asks her out on a date. Beatrice decides to ask Suzy if it would be okay to date her ex.

Well, Suzy makes it very clear that if Beatrice goes out with her ex, their friendship is over and emphasizes it's a Girl Code and the ex is off-limits. Of course, Beatrice is unhappy because she likes this man because he is decent, kind, and compassionate. Beatrice is now facing a dilemma and is questioning whether she should date the guy and say nothing to Suzy who is now in a relationship or should she honor the girlfriend code and tell him no.

My view is if Beatrice wants to date him, she should. After all, he's Suzy's ex, and she is in another relationship and has no right to tell Beatrice not to date him. It is none of her business what goes on between her ex and Beatrice. Suzy has no control or rights over her ex who is free to date whomever he pleases.  But then that is my opinion.

I have never been in this type of situation. My question is how would you react if your best friend wanted to date your ex? Or what advice would you give Beatrice? Please share your comments below.

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Relationships are complicated.