Monday, July 29, 2019

What to do When Your Sister’s Man makes a Pass at You - Miss Know It All Gives Her Advice

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Miss Know It All
Question: My sister’s boyfriend made a pass at me, knowing I'm married. I told her immediately and she read him the riot act. But she still took him back. I am still hurt by it. Isn't she wrong? I have to see this person at family functions. I thought blood was thicker than water.

Answer: In some cases, blood is not always thicker than water. My advice is when this happens, whether it is a friend or a relative, is to think very hard and long before saying anything, because most of the time you will end up being the bad guy, and the woman will most likely stay with the man. My guess is that you are not the only woman he has made a pass at and eventually your sister will either realize that he does not value her, you or your husband or she will continue to stay with him until he decides to leave her. As far as seeing him at family functions, you have the option of not attending or if you do, keeping as far away from him as possible. Don’t engage in any discussions with him. Telling other family members may help, but you may end up damaging your relationship with your sister more.


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