Monday, May 13, 2019

Recognize When a Relationship is Over Before it Begins by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All

You meet a man and it is love at first sight. You decide to date. After seeing this person for a couple of months, you believe everything is going terrific. You’re ready to jump into a committed relationship. Suddenly, he starts to complain. Paying his rent is a hardship. His car is constantly breaking down. He has been complaining from day one and hasn’t done anything to rectify the situation. And yet, you believe your relationship is peaches and cream because the lovemaking is magnificent. You are financially secured, have a great job, and own your own home.

Eventually, his grumbles will turn into actions, which may end up hurting you, financially. He will ask you to lend him money to pay his rent, which is six months overdue, and soon, he will want to move in with you.

When it comes to his worn-out vehicle, he’ll ask you to co-sign for a loan to purchase a new or used car. If you do, you will be taking on his debt. He may start the monthly payments, but that will soon end. He’ll complain that he can’t keep up with the car notes, or worse, he has lost his job, and you will be responsible for his debt. Before you know it, he has done a disappearing act, and your credit standing is now ruined.

The next time you meet someone who complains about not having sufficient funds to pay his rent and other bills, just walk away.