Monday, November 19, 2018

Why Some Relationships Fail by Vivienne Diane Neal

If anything has had an impact on relationships is the onset of social media. There were times when people had to guess what was going on behind locked doors when it came to people’s love life. With the arrival of social networks, nothing seems to be sacred anymore. Some people love putting their personal business and risqué images of themselves on these sites.

Maintaining a good relationship is complicated enough. Why add more turmoil to your love life by bringing social media into the picture.

Most people couldn’t care less about whom you met online, slept with, or your latest conquest. The fights you have with your significant other or whom you kicked to the curb are private matters and don’t belong on the Internet for the whole world to witness. And whatever you post on these sites remains there without end.

The next time you want to post your private business on the Internet, you may want to think twice because you could end up hurting yourself and others, or wind up facing a lawsuit.

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