Monday, September 10, 2018

Beware of Mailbox Theft

Mail theft across the country continues to be an ongoing and serious problem. When crooks snatch your mail, they can steal your enclosed checks and also use the information to steal your identity. Following are some tips from the US Postal Inspection Service to help protect your mail from theft:

Do not use public mailboxes. Use the letter slots inside your post office for mail, or hand it to a carrier.

Pick up your mail promptly after delivery. If you are expecting checks, credit cards or other negotiable items and you are away from home, ask a trusted relative, friend or neighbor to pick up your mail.

If you do not receive a check or other valuable mail expected, contact the issuer immediately.

Never send cash in the mail.

If you change your address, immediately notify your post office and other relevant parties.

When you are out of town, notify your post office to hold your mail until you return.

Report all suspected mail theft to a postal inspector at 877-878-2455.

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