Monday, August 20, 2018

How to Protect Yourself against Dating Scams by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
There seems to be no end when it comes to people searching for love, romance or a lifetime partner on social networks, chat rooms and popular dating sites. And many great relationships and marriages have been created. But one must also be mindful that there are folks who have underhanded motives when it comes to meeting someone, which is scamming you out of your money.

When it comes to online dating, a person who pretends to be a love interest and immediately requests money is without a doubt a con-artist. You can protect yourself from being ripped-off by observing the following signs:

·       Once you meet the individual, he or she will want to leave the dating site promptly and use personal email or Instant Messaging

·       Declares his or her love at first sight

·       Claims to live in the USA but are actually living, working or traveling in another country

·      Plans to visit you but a tragedy has occurred, which prevents him or her from seeing your face to face

When you meet someone for the first time on an online dating site, never wire money to cover the following:

·       Travel expenses
·       Medical emergencies
·       Hotel bills
·       Hospital bills for a child or other relatives
·       Visas or other official documents
·       Losses from a temporary financial setback

Never send money to tide someone over after a mugging or robbery, and don’t do anyone a favor by making an online purchase or forwarding a package to another country. One request leads to another, and delays and disappointments will follow. In the end, the money will be gone along with the person you thought you knew.

You can contact the following agencies to report online dating scams:

You can recover from a broken heart, but the theft of one’s nest egg because of deception may never be fully recovered. Malicious Acts - Tales of lust, greed, deceit, and revenge! By Vivienne Diane Neal

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