Monday, June 25, 2018

Our Love Challenges Scrapbook is Now Available in the USA

The Our Love Challenges scrapbook has been launched in the USA!

After getting successfully funded on Kickstarter (view campaign), the scrapbooks have been bulk printed for couples in love and shipped to an American warehouse in
Florida. It took a while, but the scrapbooks are now finally on sale.

David Makovský and Vít Libovický
Founders David Makovský and Vít Libovický believe 'Our Love Challenges' will be as successful in the USA as it is in Europe, where more than 10.000 copies have been sold.

If you would like to participate in their affiliate program by promoting Our Love Challenges on your blog, you'll get a 40% commission on each sale. (The book costs $39). If that's something you're interested in, feel free to email them. They will be more than happy to send you a FREE COPY

Should you be considering writing an article about the founders or promoting their book (just putting it out there!), they will be happy to provide you with all the info you might need.

You can also check out their Press Kit

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