Monday, March 12, 2018

The Distorted Side to Infidelity by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
There have been discussions about a side to infidelity that is trending right now. According to some experts, more people in relationships are ‘micro-cheating,’ which is defined as being emotionally or physically involved with someone outside of the marriage.

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘micro-cheating’ as behaviors considered disloyal within a relationship, nothing too serious but not too innocent either. It can be frequent flirting, touching, calling, texting, chatting or asking someone for intimate advice, all hidden from your partner.

When it comes to physical cheating, the signs can be quite obvious, but as to whether your partner is micro-cheating, the messages may be vague.

According to Australian Psychologist and consultant, Melanie Schilling, there are signs to look out for when someone is micro-cheating:

·      Schilling calls these actions “covert flirting” because you’re keeping it from your partner. It’s not one single action but a series of small activities that put the focus on a person outside your relationship.

·     “You might be engaging in micro-cheating if you secretly connect with another person on social media, if you share private jokes, if you downplay the seriousness of your relationship to your partner or if you enter their name under a code in your phone,” she told Daily Mail.

·      The first indication of micro-cheating is the secrecy surrounding your partner’s activities. One thing to look at is if the person is having private conversations or online messaging that they stop once you enter the room. Or are they complimenting someone of the opposite sex with things they never tell you? If you catch the person in the act of micro-cheating, they could easily excuse their behavior as merely a friendship, but Schilling says there are ways to differentiate the two.

·      “However, if they start to conceal their relationship from you or lie to you about it, then start considering the appropriateness of their connection.” In the end, Schilling told Daily Mail to ultimately trust your gut, but she does caution to be rational instead of emotional about it.

Since micro-cheating is not considered full blown cheating, it is important to remember the relationship you and your partner form must be clear as to what types of behaviors are acceptable or to make known when the lines are being crossed.

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