Monday, November 20, 2017

Books That Make Great Holiday Gifts by Vivienne Diane Neal

Again, the holidays are just around the corner. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any of the other celebrations, giving books as a gift will keep on giving.

We have listed a range of authors from around the world, and genres, ranging from romance, paranormal, thrillers, mysteries, suspense, to political, espionage, and fictional crime stories.

Just click on the title and be taken to a world of fantasy, wonder, and intrigue.


Heads Will Roll by Joanie Chevalier - A terrifying thriller, focusing on people who will stop at nothing to have the ideal body, and the doctor who will cross the line to make their dreams a reality.

Deadly Dating Games by Joanie Chevalier - Single women meet at a book club to review an online dating guide, but what starts out as an enjoyable assignment slowly takes an ominous turn.

Night Runner by PT Reade - A cantankerous ex-cop is stuck in a rut until his ex-wife, who is on the run from some dangerous people, calls to seek his help.

Marked For Death by PT Reade - A shrewd ex-FBI agent turned PI investigates a murder.

Private Lie by PT Reade - A man enjoys masquerading as the characters in the mystery novels he reads but the drive behind his actions is slowly becoming more apparent.

Taken Below by PT Reade - An ex-cop is on the hunt for a man who uses the subway to abduct women.

Death Toll Rising by Terry Keys - A detective and his team are called in to find the person responsible for the assassination of the Prime Minister of Japan.

Maximum Guilt by Terry Keys - A detective’s past catches up with him when he goes after a woman who is out for retribution toward the men who committed a brutal act against her at a bachelor party.

A Daughter’s Rage 2: Faith by Ronald Gordon - The story continues with the return of an evil spirit whose mission on earth is to destroy a retired policeman.

A Trinity of Wicked Tales: Jilted by Kyla Ross - A collection of suspenseful short stories delving into a world of murder, deceit, hate, lust, sex, and revenge.

Outreach by Dariel Raye - A paranormal murder mystery where a doctor and a convict, who is about to be released from prison, unknowingly have so much in common that their paths will eventually interlock.

A Penny for Her Heart by Alretha Thomas - A political thriller where fraud, envy, and scandal lead to a ghastly murder.

Married in The Nick of Nine (Cass & Nick Series, Book 1) by Alretha Thomas - A young woman wants to get married in nine months but keeps meeting total jerks, until she meets a man whom she believes is The One.

The Baby in The Window (Cass & Nick Series, Book 2) by Alretha Thomas - A wife is fixated on having a baby but problems are beginning to emerge, which may put a damper on her quest to get pregnant.

One Harte, Two Loves (Cass & Nick Series, Book 3) by Alretha Thomas - A husband decides to take up acting, while his wife spends more time with their newborn, causing more turmoil in their marriage.

Renee’s Return (Cass & Nicks Series, Book 4) by Alretha Thomas - In this final series, Renee is back  home, but the jury is still out as to whether she has really changed for the better or is planning to destroy Nick and Cass’s marriage.

Abuse of Discretion by Pamela Samuels Young - If you read Anybody’s Daughter, protagonist Dre Thomas, and antagonist Rodney Merriweather are back creating more legal drama, scandal, revenge and murder.


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