Monday, September 05, 2016

The Signs of a Failing Relationship by Lizzie Wright

Being in love is one of the best feelings we as human beings experience throughout our lives. While this is true, being in a failing relationship gives us the opposite emotions. According to the experts, spotting the signs that your relationship is about to fail prevents further emotional damages. So, what are the tell-tales that you’re about to lose your other half?

Lack of Communication

Regardless of the reason for your failing relationship, the lack of communication is a clear sign that you are about to lose your partner. Normally, we long to communicate with our partner even if we’re living together in the same house. Once you’ve noticed a decline, disinterest, or disengagement in conversation, then your relationship is in the wrong path.

Constant Criticism

A strong relationship has a solid support from one another. They don’t comment on the negative sides of each other. Instead, they try to work out and encourage one another to improve. On the other hand, a failing relationship constantly involves regular criticism. As a result, couples engage in a regular word fight that will eventually ruin their respect for each other. In the end, constant criticism will ruin the love and bond.

The Fighting is Becoming a Habit

You were once a great couple as you were starting but ended in a horrible relationship because of regular bickering. If you’re fighting more each day, then you’re probably heading the wrong way. While it’s normal even in a solid relationship to have misunderstandings, it’s quite abnormal for serious couples to fight every day. As much as possible, they try to understand each other and strive to be more patient.

It’s No Longer About Us

When your motto in a relationship is no longer about “us”, then that’s a crystal-clear sign that your special bond is in jeopardy.
These are some of the common indicators that you should move on with your life as a single person or find a better replacement who can live harmoniously with you. If you’re not yet open to the idea of a new relationship, perhaps you might want to try dating an escort.


About the Author

Lizzie Wright is a regular tourist who also writes about vacations and relationships. She has a passion for creative writing since the tender age of 10. Today, she’s one of the fuels of many blog sites on the topic of relationship especially Hush Escorts. If you feel the need for a companion, feel free to contact us so we can give you the perfect babe! 

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