Monday, February 15, 2016

Do You Write YA Books? Or Like to Read Them?

Join The Romance Reviews YA books at YA INSIDER their sister site that caters especially to young adult books. 

YA Insider offers a consolidated portal for all information on Young Adult books. With YA Insider, they aim to provide pertinent information on the world of young adult books right at your fingertips:

·       Find out new and upcoming YA books, even before they hit the bookstore,
·       Read reviews and recommendations, and participate in discussions about your favorite YA books,
·       Get the latest buzz in and around the YA world, and check out the latest scoop from the authors themselves.
·       Participate in contests and events to win attractive prizes
·       And many more!


Each author will have his/her own page, which includes the author's bio, list of books, buy links and other stuff.


Joining YA Insider is free and open to all authors, publishers, reviewers (including aspiring reviewers), and avid readers who are keen to participate in all the events and activities hosted on the site. While a basic membership account needs only email verification before the member can start to post comments, author, publisher and reviewer accounts need to be further approved. Please allow two to three days for processing.

All members who sign up with YA Insider may participate in all the events, contests, giveaways, and other activities hosted on the site. They may also post comments on the books and reviews that have been published.

Join them now in their soft launch and
 get 25 credits that you can use toward ad promotion: 


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