Monday, July 14, 2014

3 Tips for Dating with Kids

Ken Myers, Owner of GoNannies
When you have kids, it is hard to know when to introduce a new dating partner to them and vice versa. Here are some tips to help you make the transition easier:

Be Upfront – First of all, you want to be upfront with both your children and your potential dates. Tell your dates that you have kids right off the bat so they know what they are getting into. It is harder to do the longer you wait, so be clear. With your kids, you need to explain to them how dating works, i.e. people come and go, and help them to understand that you are not trying to replace their parent. Reassure your kids that you love them and dating won’t change that.

Be Certain – Before you introduce a date to your kids, be sure they are someone that will stick around for a while. It is hard enough for kids without having a revolving door of new people coming into their lives. Also you should be sure that your dates are safe to bring around your kids. Someone unstable or of dubious moral character is definitely not someone you should bring home, or even date really.

Be Casual – Last but not least, don’t freak out about it. The more anxiety you have the more anxious your kids and your date will become. Stay relaxed and cool with it and they will be more comfortable also.

It doesn’t have to be a huge deal to introduce your kids. Keep it simple, don’t expect an instant bond, and make sure you are clear with everyone up front. That should minimize the problems and help you to keep your life simple.


Ken Myers is a father of three and passionate about great childcare. He’s always looking for ways to help families find the support they need to live fuller, richer lives. Find out more about expert childcare by checking out @go_nannies on Twitter.

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