Monday, April 08, 2013

A Love Worthy of You by Urenna Sander

Recently, Valentine’s Day rolled around once more. Is Valentine’s Day about love and loving someone? Of course and nobody loves Valentine’s Day more than the diamond industry, chocolatiers, the sugar industry, wine companies, card companies, flower growers, lingerie shops, restauranteurs, and of course you.

Let’s face it, everybody benefits from that special day, but some more than others.

Your funny, sweet, comic Valentine was with you 365 days before this day came around again. But, there were days when romance was lacking, and you didn’t feel so special.

After the 2012 Valentine’s Day glow was over, life went on. In that year, there were days when you disliked your valentine and their bad habits. Maybe they didn’t pick up after themselves; their sweaty socks and undies lay on the floor for you to collect. Maybe they snored. Maybe their loud chewing annoyed you. Maybe they are too frank, abrasive, and tactless. Maybe they act as if life revolves around him/her. Maybe they are cheaters, liars and manipulators. Maybe they are too hard to please.

There are so many variables when it comes to someone’s valentine. Yet even the ones with negative behaviors are loved. But are they worthy of your love?

There are more enduring, indelible qualities that made you fall in love with your valentine. I hope it was emotional intimacy—a rich, strong, intense relationship. A relationship where you were open, with the lid removed, said anything, and expressed everything, and it was accepted and understood. A relationship full-flavored with unconditional love, one worthy of survival. Some of the above bad habits can be dealt with and overcome, others cannot unless your mate is willing to make drastic changes.

If your valentine thinks life revolves around him/her, don’t entertain illusions of give and take in your relationship. It won’t happen.

The hard to please can be as charming as a banana peel. Life can be stressful enough. You have to decide if this will be your valentine forever.
As for the cheaters, liars, and manipulators, I suggest you give up the dream that they will one day be the person you wish they’d be.

This Valentine’s Day is special, your day, a time to express your feelings to your sweetheart. To show love and gratitude for that special one who is worthy of your love, on February 14 and every day of the year.

I hope you gave yourself the best Valentine’s Day gift ever this year: loving yourself first.

* * *

Bio: Urenna Sander is the author of “True Season of Love,” a love story with many surprises concerning the characters, Olivia and Ptolemy. 

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