Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Symphony, Author of Cover Blown

Do you know of any employees, in your office, having secret affairs right under your nose? Well, along comes “Cover Blown,” the first installment of Office Fantasies.

This blur will help you wet your sensual appetite:

Office Fantasies is a hot and steamy collection of erotic stories between two attractive coworkers, Marcus & Sydney. Marcus “the cute new guy” whom recently moved to Miami seems to be the shy, quiet, mystery guy. Little does Sydney know, she has an insatiable, passionate, sexual terrorist in her presence.

In the first episode of Office Fantasies, "Cover Blown", the obvious attraction between Marcus and Sydney has become the talk of the office. Every day the two of them flirt and tease each other, until the sexual tension finally explodes into the Perfect Chemistry. Parking decks, office bathrooms and building elevators. This fantasy turned reality contains all the elements that make for a once in a lifetime sexual adventure for two.

Sydney & Marcus’s encounters will leave you breathless, wanting to know increasingly juicy details of their explosive sexual relationship in and outside of the office. Are you sleeping with your office fantasy?


Buckle your seats
And strap in
Because ladies
This is going to be
A really WET and
Explosive ride
I hope you have
You’re favorite
Toy near by
Because trust me
You will need it
Change your batteries
Lock your doors
Slide those panties
To the side
This fantasy
Is going to
Be a while
I’m sure
These encounters
Will have
Your bodies squirming
And dripping wet

About the Author:

Symphony is a closet freak whom lives his fantasies through his many alter egos’ in this case the character of Marcus. Shy to the eye with a sexual appetite for two or even three. Symphony is passionate in all that he does, priding himself on serving his woman with the ultimate experience of endless orgasmic pleasure. A sexual crusader if you will, on a journey to give the experience of a lifetime to the few unknowing women whom fall to his baby face and shy demeanor.

Symphony carries himself as a, passive and shy gentlemen. Giving women a false sense of security in the bedroom, of you know the conversation ladies "Don’t hurt-em girl".

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Symphony writes his own experiences coupled with fantasies of his just nasty mind. In the first installment of Office Fantasies "Cover Blown" Symphony’s stories will take you on a journey of sexual chemistry at its very best.



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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting Symphony today.

MomJane said...

I must have been working in the wrong offices, or I was very oblivious to my surroundings.

Catherine Lee said...

"Shy to the Eye"...You turn a good phrase, Symphony!

Mary Preston said...

There are very few people who would admit to being a 'closet freak' . I kind of like that you do.