Monday, February 13, 2012

Learning to Listen to your Dating Site Partner by Cara Michaels

Have you ever had a conversation with your dating site partner, and it seemed as though he was listening to you, but then moments later he can’t remember your words?  This is a very common problem.  Paying attention to what another is saying and not simply nodding your head and drifting off with your own thoughts is essential if you want to make your relationship work.  Communication is key and listening is probably the number one element in good communication skills.

You don’t need to interrupt at every turn.  Wait until your dating site partner is finished with what he has to say, and then ask questions or give your perspective in regard to the conversation.  Actively listening doesn’t mean you interrupt; it means you actively take in the information your partner is communicating to you. You should keep eye contact and nod and react to what he’s saying in order to show him that you are actively involved in the conversation.

If your partner is on a roll and they are talking and talking and talking and you don’t want to interrupt, train yourself to remember the thought that popped into your head so you can let him finish what he’s saying.  Or, you can quickly jot down your thought if it’s really important enough to bring it up after he’s finished speaking.  Learning the give and take of conversation is a real art and it is essential if you’re going to move forward with your relationship.

Part of being in a well-rounded relationship is allowing your partner to talk and speak their mind when they need to.  Being there to show your support without getting defensive or opinionated.  Allowing your partner the opportunity to go off if need be, without interrupting or derailing the conversation.  If this happens all the time, this may be an issue to address within the boundaries of your relationship.  But if from time to time, your partner is simply asking you to sit and listen to him, then it’s one of the many things you can do to show how much you care.

Author Bio: Cara Michaels is constantly sought after by friends and family for relationship advice. She has taken her knowledge to the web and frequently writes for Online Dating Sites.


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