Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Some Smart Women Fall for Men Behaving Badly by Miss Know It All

Why do women, who have so much going for themselves, end up with losers? When it comes to selecting their educational and career choices, women make good decisions. However, with some women, there seems to be a breakdown in common sense when it comes to selecting men without substance.

What I am saying is that women have to be more selective when it comes to finding a mate. Just as you would exam a house before buying it, or do your research before purchasing a car or a major appliance, you would apply these same assessments when it comes to meeting and establishing a relationship with the opposite sex.

“With age comes wisdom.” Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Take for example the teenage girl who met her boyfriend in high school. It was love at first sight. Then, the boy began to exhibit some shady behavior throughout their relationship, dropped out of high school and partook in criminal activities. She went to college, got her BS degree, took the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and is now preparing to become a lawyer and will eventually take the bar exam. Yet, she still stayed with this person, because she loved him and thought she could change him.

The ultimate humiliation came when she lent him money, and he refused to pay back the loan. She took him to small claims court and sued him for the money. Mind you, she had him sign a promissory note. In this instance, she used good old common sense and applied what she learned in contract law. However, to add more insult to injury, he swore the signature on the note was not his. When the judge compared the signature on his driver’s license to the signature on the promissory note, they were a perfect match, and she won her case.

When it comes to romance, many women mistake bad behavior as an act of love and actually believe they can change that individual for the better. So take note: You will never be able to change anyone unless that individual decides to change on his own.

Therefore, the next time you meet someone, take a step back, do your homework and watch how that person conducts himself, which will tell you whether this individual is worth being in your life.


Kim House said...

Oh, it is hard to make this choice with reason, because you know they say that heart does not listen to reason, yet when it comes to having children all girls should consider and reconsider their choices!

Coral Deal said...

I've noticed this type of psychology to be universal for both sexes. It seems that whenever we are more rejected, we tend to strive towards this person even more. It's an inexplicable phenomenon!

Samuel Christian said...

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