Monday, October 03, 2011

Something to Share by Deneale K McElhaney Williams

I have something to share that is perfect for anyone and everyone; and in more ways than one.

Now I bet you’re wondering - ‘How can that be?’ Well allow me to explain! 
  • Do you like to feel good?
  • Do you like to relax? 
  • Do you like to make your partner feel good and/or relax? 
  • Would you like to learn more about making you and your partner experiences more pleasurable? 
  • Would you like to sample, smell, and taste new things? 
  • Would you like to get to know our products one on one before you buy them? 
  • Do you like to have fun when you have a party? 
  • Do you like to get together with your friends? 
  • Wouldn’t ‘you’ like to get some things for FREE?
If you, or your partner answered yes to any of these questions, then I might just have something that would ‘peak’ your interest!

Have you ever heard of Pure Romance? I imagine you may have. There are a lot of us Consultants around; and why is that? Because Pure Romance is fun to sell, and easy! And Pure Romance is something many people want, and you don’t have to be ‘sexually active’ to want it either! We don’t just sell ‘sex!’ We sell sexual enhancement products, and attire, and we are also sexual health counselors. Each and every consultant is able to offer you advice, and help. And let us not forget, we also sell massage oils, lotions, and other items to help individuals relax. Not everything is about sex, with Pure Romance.

Our goal is satisfaction, with our customers, hostesses, their friends, our clientele, and so much more. We can lead you in the right direction, we can offer advice, even suggestions, samples, and more. We are here to help you, one on one.

When ordering, we take our customers into a private ordering room, so as not to embarrass them. This way it is discreet. No one knows, except for the consultant and the customer. Your order will then be hand delivered to you, or if you end up out of area, arrangements can even be made between you and the consultant. We are always reasonable.

Our goal is complete and total satisfaction. Sometimes our product line changes, along with our catalogs, but we promise you only the best products designed and made to satisfy and please the individual they are designed for.

And if you didn’t already know, Patty Brisben is the founder of the “Patty Brisben Foundation.” Here is that link:   which is designed to enhance women's sexual health and well-being through research and education.

Patty Brisben herself, went through traumatic experiences; and with her experiences, she has destined to make life better for herself and for women around the World! When you order from myself, or your own Pure Romance consultant, don’t forget to check out and maybe even buy her book! It will enlighten you in more ways than one!

My own personal web site for Pure Romance is: where you can order online 24/7 in the convenience of your own home, and in your PJ’s. You can also book your parties through me here, and get my contact information, just in case you have questions for me. I also have a facebook LIKE page: feel free to join in and tell your friends too!

Even if you are single, Pure Romance can still satisfy you and your needs. We have all kinds of amazing products, and I don’t just say that because I represent them! I say it, because I too, am completely and totally pleased with everything they have to offer, not just for women, and couples everywhere alike.

You will not be disappointed.

And you might want to know that my hostesses-love their hostess gift baskets. I make a care package worth dying over! Products and samples, and a few extra’s. And everyone loves my parties because the games are such fun! Everyone is laughing and giggling, and enjoying themselves! It is like nothing you have ever experienced before, you will be glad you did it! Such fun, and so memorable you will be telling everyone you meet. Your friends will thank you! You will be the life of the party, and they will always remember, who led them to their new Pure Romance Consultant!

You only live once, so what are you waiting for?!?!

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