Monday, July 18, 2011

Dating Spaces: That Middle Ground Between Casual & Intimate by Brett Scuiletti

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Creating a comfortable and inviting date space in your home or apartment is a great way to encourage longer, more intimate date nights. Though you and your date will inevitably go out to dinner, a movie, or some other affair during your night out, there can be an awkward pause when figuring out where to go next. For both men and women alike, it’s difficult to suggest just going back to your own place, because there are so many obvious and implied intents that suggestion could represent. To avoid making your date think you just want to hop in bed with him or her, you can suggest a middle ground that will likely be greeted more warmly than just the generic “come back to my place.

By crafting your own home bar area, you’ll be able to enjoy a refined space that feels casual, but intimate. You and your date will be able to enjoy some private time together, though the bar space will create an artificial distance barrier. This helps both of you feel more relaxed. If the night stays at the bar space, there’s no awkwardness or confusion, as having a couple of casual drinks is totally normal in such a space. But if things start drifting the other way, you’ll also be conveniently close to the living room couch and the bedroom.

To assemble a home bar area that you can be proud of and want to show off to special guests, make sure you give it just the right touch. Of course, make sure the bar’s well stocked. Plenty of choices equates to plenty of variety, so any date will be satisfied with his or her options. And when it comes to bar furniture, stylish seating matters. Make sure you pick up multiple bar stools, at least 3, because having only 2 will imply that you intended this bar only for date scenarios. With 3 or more bar stools available, it will imply that the space is also used for friendly, casual gatherings. The bar stools themselves should also be of high quality and upscale design, so go with wood or stainless steel designs if you can.

When you need that all-important middle ground date space that provides a comfortable in-between for you and your date between ‘too casual’ and ‘too intimate,’ you can’t do much better than a home bar. Plus, home bars come with many other benefits, all of which you can enjoy whether you’re on date night or not.


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