Monday, February 14, 2011

The Funniest or Worst Gifts People Have Received on Saint Valentine’s Day

Today is St. Valentine’s Day. Rather than talk about the origins or what it means to take part in this celebration, we thought adding humor to this special day would be unique. So we put out a call for the funniest or worst Valentine’s Day gifts that people have received. Whether the gifts were seen as funny or downright dreadful, we could not stop laughing and hope you enjoy reading these submissions as much as we did.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

A Justin Bieber statue. Submitted by JJ

A dead flower. Submitted by M

A Justine Bieber CD…I still have nightmares…baby baby baby oh…make it stop! Submitted by D

A Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner. Submitted by C

Last year I got a frog that turns into a prince when you put it into water. Submitted CH

& & & &

On our first (and last) Valentine's Day as a couple, my (now EX) boyfriend, who had come back from drill (Air Force reserves and full time commercial airline pilot) told me he had something for me. He warned me that it wasn’t anything big but that it was something he wanted to get for me. He dug around in his workout bag then pulled out and handed me a set of bean bag juggling balls and a ‘how to’ book on Valentine’s gifts! I’m thinking to myself, WTH? Who am I? COCO the Clown?!

Now here’s a little background on this...A few weeks earlier he and I were standing in my kitchen talking and he just happened to pick up a couple of oranges and an apple and began to juggle them. I expressed how I’d tried to learn how to juggle many times but just couldn’t manage it. So, over the next forty-five or so minutes he took it upon himself to teach me how to juggle. Never in my wildest and/or worst dreams did I think he would believe that some bean bag balls and a how to book on juggling would make good Valentine’s presents.

He even had the nerve to be surprised at my pointed lack of enthusiasm for the terrible gifts. Needless to say, he didn’t last long after that. lol

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