Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Suzy Colella, Author of Sweet Escapes

About the Book

Ty Jensen is a career driven, ‘play it safe’ gentleman, who wants nothing more than to protect the lives and properties of the citizens who live there. Gabby Roman is a bride on the run, who can organize anything but her love life. Turning away from one man and falling in love with another, was never Gabby’s intention. However, Gabby Roman just can’t seem to resist, sexy sheriff wannabe, Ty Jensen.

Fleeing from a failed engagement to dazzling artist, Phinn Cartier, who lives fast and loves fast, the professional organizer seeks accidental refuge in Ty Jensen’s small town and to Ty’s surprise…his home. As Ty assists Gabby in mending her broken heart, she inadvertently falls in love with him.

Inexplicably drawn to Gabby, Ty finds himself unraveling the strings, he so carefully has woven and has worked so hard for in his career. Torn between the town he wants to serve and the woman he has fallen for, Ty must choose one or the other.

Sweet Escapes gives the reader a few twists and turns with plenty of sizzle! They will find themselves cheering for one man in one chapter and then changing their team shirts in the next chapter.

About The Author

Suzy Colella, Author
Suzy Colella was born in Northeast Philadelphia and currently lives in Medford, NJ. She graduated cum laude from Holy Family University. She married in 2002 and shortly had her first son, Ryan in 2003. Her second son, Chase was born in 2008.

Suzy taught for 5 years in a Catholic school then decided to take her career in education a bit further by becoming a supervisor in Willingboro Public School. Her time there was brief but she learned a lot about the public school system and her own goals for herself and her children. She now serves as a Supervisor of Community Education and Extended Day Care for Mount Laurel School District. In her spare time…which there is not much (lol)…she enjoys writing contemporary, romance novels.

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