Monday, January 26, 2015

Add More Passion with Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

Following are some sites, videos and books that will help you and your mate add more excitement to your love life on Valentine’s Day.


Flirty and Feisty Romance Blog - Offers romance novels, articles, and inspirational quotes to help spice up your love life.


Four Seasons - A delightful romance comedy with a profound message.

Outsourced - A contemporary feel-good movie that takes a humorous look at cross-cultural clash and romance. The film takes a festive look at characters who are trying to bridge the cultural divide between America and India.

Short Stories:

Café Mocha by Vivienne Diane Neal - A sensual romance story, centering on a woman who decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men.

Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky by Sydney Arrison - If you think you have to travel to a far away destination for a romantic rendezvous, think again.

Sunset in Alabama by Shani Greene-Dowdell - In these pages some of some of the author’s memories, feelings, lessons and events pour out in poetry and short articles. While some of the writings in this book are simply observations or thoughts, many of the emotions spawn from the author's experiences.


Curvy Girlz Lingerie - For the woman with voluptuous curves and the guys who love them.


Angie’s Caribbean Black Cake - A scrumptious substitute to chocolates.

Angie’s Caribbean Miniature Cakes - Another mouth-watering alternative to chocolates.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

When a Loan Becomes a Gift: Playing the Romance Card by Vivienne Diane Neal

Unmarried couples who are into a serious relationship have a tendency to give each other money. When they go out on a date, it is usually determined who will pick up the tab. When birthdays come along, sometimes jewelry or money is the gift of choice.  As holidays approach, big ticket items may be exchanged. The practice of giving, without any strings attached, is called a gift, which is defined as a present or something that is bestowed to an individual, usually to give pleasure or to show gratitude. You give a gift to someone because you’re head-over-heels with that person, or you wish to show how thankful you are to have that man or woman in your life.

For one reason or another, men and women do lend money to each other, whether they are lovers, friends, acquaintances or associates. But what happens when a person decides to lend money to his or her lover? Too often when an individual borrows money from a significant other, everything is hunky dory. Love is blind, and each person is madly in love with each other. Promises are made to repay the loan. Both people are going about their daily lives, until one day the relationship has hit a sour note, and it’s over. All of a sudden, the loan becomes a gift, because the borrower was romantically involved with the lender during the time the debt was incurred.

Then you have the man or woman who doesn’t have a clue as to the type of relationship they have. The couple may work in the same environment, flirt with one another and meet often after work for a drink or dinner. The man always picks up the tab and before you know it, she is borrowing money from him. When it’s time for the gentleman to collect his money, her excuse for not paying him back was that he was interested in her romantically, and the money was actually a gift and not a loan.

Playing the romance card to avoid repaying an obligation may not cut it, especially if you end up being sued in Small Claims Court. Whether money given during a romantic relationship is a loan or a gift can be very vague. The plaintiff must prove that the money given was a loan, while the defendant will argue that the money received was a gift. In most cases, the judge presiding over the case will have to make the final ruling, which may favor the plaintiff or the defendant.

If you are in a romantic relationship, don’t be a borrower or a lender. If you do lend money to someone, and you truly want that money back, have that person sign a promissory note as the borrower along with your signature as the lender and the date the loan must be paid back. This is a legally binding contract. Never rely on verbal promises, because during the heat of passion, an individual will make all sorts of assurances that the money will be repaid. But once the courtship is over, there is the likelihood that you will never see your money.

On the other hand, don’t give money enclosed in a greeting card that reads hope you love this $500.00 gift; buy something nice for yourself and than months later when your mate leaves you, you decide to take him or her to court and complain that the cash you gave was a loan. Remember, many people do hold on to those greeting cards!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Virtual Book Tour - Phase One: Identify (Territory of the Dead Series) by Rose Wynters

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/30/14 – 1/13/15

Genres: Young Adult Romance, Horror, Zombies, Science Fiction

Series: Territory of the Dead

Tour Promo: All books in this series are $.99!

Available free with Kindle Unlimited.


Eighteen-year-old Tabitha Alexander had just graduated from high school when the dead invaded her small town of Pleasant, Louisiana. Working as a checkout girl in the only grocery store in town, she barely made it out with her life.

But the night was only beginning.

What started out as a group of three grows, as they are joined by the few that are still alive. New bonds are formed as old ones die, and Tabitha suddenly finds that the guy she's always wanted might just want her back.

The timing couldn't be worse, though. The zombies in Pleasant are smart, with an awareness that's horrifying. And when the zombies discover the house full of survivors, those inside realize that the walls aren't strong enough to keep them out.

All hope is lost. Or is it? Salvation comes in the form of a mysterious man, with a pair of steely-gray eyes and an arsenal to match. He rescues them, but at what cost? Kellan can't seem to keep his otherworldly eyes off of her.

She's no match for him. She knows this. Yet, he intrigues her... and Tabitha knows it's the most dangerous reaction of all.   


I exhaled deeply as I finished scanning the last coupon. The woman gave me a sharp look of annoyance, as if I had no room for complaint. Really, what did she expect? Was I supposed to grovel and thank her for allowing me the honor of scanning her precious coupons ten minutes before closing time?

Apparently so. “You know, young lady, it wouldn't hurt you to smile at your customers and thank them when they offer you their coupons. I don't think I've ever had such poor customer service. I don't have to shop here, especially with this kind of attitude.” She was working herself up into a rage, her expression full of self-righteous indignation.

I didn't reply, but instead pushed the total button. Some of the customers in line groaned, while others shifted in impatience. They really didn't want to be further delayed by her rant. She slammed a hundred dollar bill down on the counter. “Where is your manager? I want to speak with him now.”

I pointed towards Jim, as he straightened his shoulders and attempted to look professional. I could only imagine the holier-than-thou attitude he would have as he sympathetically agreed with her. Around here, I could never do anything right, or so it seemed.

I didn't see anyone else standing around, though, willing to put up with his crap. If I didn't need the money so badly, I'd walk out the door faster than he could blink. I was tired of the humiliation and tired of being blamed for the lines, just because he was too tight to hire on adequate staff.

I was silent as I quickly made her change. What could any person say? She was mad due to reasons of her own, something that really didn't concern me. With one last glare, she huffed and moved on in his direction. She never made it, though.

It would have been worth the complaint and subsequent chewing out I would have received, if the events of the night just wouldn't have happened. I would later look back on it and pray that things had ended differently. You can't change events that are completely out of your control, though.

Even so, anything would have been preferable to that one moment when you find your reality has just been blown to pieces and would never be the same again. That's assuming you live to survive it.

She was halfway to Jim, her teased hairdo bouncing, when it happened. A loud, panicked scream tore through the night, originating somewhere from the parking lot in front of the store. Even through the thick glass, we could hear it loudly. It sounded like someone was being murdered. I immediately stopped scanning, turning in an attempt to see what was happening.

A body slammed against the glass, his face and palms pressed to the surface. It was a horrid sight. His pupils were red and crazed, his face extremely pale and dirty. Dark red blood was smeared across his cheeks and chin. The man stood still for a moment, just watching us with his crazy eyes. Something reanimated him. He slid his palms down the clear, clean glass, leaving a trail of bloody streaks.

Buy Link:


About the Author:

Rose Wynters resides in the southern portion of the USA. When not
writing, she enjoys traveling, camping, and meeting new people.

Connect With The Author:





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Dr. Ava Cadell Has Launched

Dr. Ava Cadell
Are you ready to take charge of your sex life? The world’s leading sexologist, Dr. Ava Cadell, has launched to educate and entertain lovers everywhere, headed by Editor-in-chief Paula Tiberius.

“ is for sexy, smart, sex-positive people who want their sex served straight up with a twist of eroticism,” says Dr. Ava Cadell. will cover all diverse sexual paths with no limits, no judgment, and no apologies! They will inform you, entertain you, educate you – and even make you laugh! From the “basics of boning” to the current discourse in sexual politics, their mission is sex education, which is so needed on this planet – at any age and are on the forefront of the sex education “movement,” and they promise it will be fun!

Dr. Ava Cadell’s was launched through a cornerstone advertising partnership with – the premiere site for all intimate products and sexy attire. “I am thrilled to have a truly amazing marketing partner with “Sex Toy Dave,” the founder of We look forward to a flourishing future,” states Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder of and

So, whether you are single or hitched, has provocative topics that include polyamory, BDSM, Tantric practices and much more. Renowned author and GQ Magazine sex columnist Anka Radakovich brings you a daily dose of share-worthy “sex in the news,” while astrologer to the stars Christina Engelhardt reveals your monthly “Sextrology” forecast, and Jackie Watson hosts Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet with juicy questions about their love lives. You can watch Dr. Ava’s taped sex counseling sessions, take a sex quiz to find a lover, do “sexycises” to make you a better lover or check out the latest sex book excerpts and reviews, LGBT themes, college campus sex discussions, candid sex toy reviews and learn from an ever-evolving lineup of sexologists from around the world such as, Dr. Nikki Goldstein from Australia and Dr. Shelly Varod from Israel. is the perfect place for advertisers who have products that promote love, relationships, romance, intimacy and sexual well-being.

Visit now for a free MP3 download of Dr. Ava’s “Sextrology” forecast and compatibility recording—set to sexy music to get you and your partner in the mood for love.

Dr. Ava Cadell is America’s #1 Sexpert as a Clinical Sexologist, AASECT Certified Sex Counselor, Founder of Loveology University and President of the American College of Sexologists International. She is the author of 8 books and the monthly Sex Advice Columnist for Penthouse Magazine, for whom she has created a series of online courses and videos entitled, “Sex Academy.” And Alpha/Penguin will publish her new book on the Kama Sutra this month.

Dr. Ava Cadell was the first person to create a sexual consent form in 2004, which can be downloaded at and she is an advocate of Governor Jerry Brown’s “affirmative consent” sex assault bill.

A sought after media therapist and global speaker, Dr. Ava’s mission is to empower people to overcome sexual guilt and shame so they can enjoy the best sex of their lives.

For more information, go to:

Media Inquiries: Media Giants | Jim Strzalkowski | (323) 363-5094 | jim@mediagiants.LA

Monday, December 22, 2014

Closing Out the Year with a Big Bang

How fast does the time go? It seems like a couple of seconds ago when the year 2014 rolled in.

As always, we would like to thank all of our visitors, subscribers and supporters who have made this year a memorable one. We especially want to thank the authors who have given us the opportunity to host their books during their Virtual Book Tours and to all the guest bloggers who have submitted memorable and informative articles.

We are looking forward to bringing you more exciting news, articles and featured authors for your pleasure.

We are taking a well-deserved break and will return on January 5, 2015.

In closing, we want to wish everyone a healthy and safe holiday and a prosperous New Year.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Is Sending a Thank You Note Becoming Obsolete?

It is a nice gesture to say thank you when a person gives you a gift. Furthermore, it is a sign of your appreciation and respect if you take the time out of your demanding and fast pace schedule to write a personal note or send a card of gratitude. Writing a thank you note does not have to be the great American novel. A simple Thank You for the Gift will suffice. Of course, to acknowledge the receipt of any gift is a point that should be made early in life. If a child never learned to say thank you for what is given to him or her, then chances are when that child becomes an adult, he or she will never give thanks for anything.

I do not know if this is a growing trend, but for the last forty years, I have attended many weddings and have always presented the bride and groom with a gift, either in person or by mail. However, I can count on one hand or better yet on half a hand, the number of notes of appreciations, which I have received.

In many cases, weddings can be a big production. Couples are under a lot of stress during this period. A great deal of time, energy and money go into planning that perfect and unforgettable event. Nowadays, the average wedding can cost up to $50,000.00. A bride would never forget to purchase her wedding gown, nor would the groom neglect to buy or rent his tuxedo. A couple will plop down a certain amount of money for their rings, food, drinks, flowers, music, video and photography and on many other products and services. Yet, many couples, for one reason or another, never remember to take time out to send a simple thank you message. After all, the giver has taken the time out of his or her hectic timetable to purchase a present for the bride and groom.

You may ask who is responsible for sending out the thank you notes. In my book, it is both the husband and wife’s responsibility. A person can never be too engaged to be grateful. One of the couple’s main priorities should be to acknowledge the giver of a gift. It is imperative to be courteous and appreciative.

So the next time someone gives you a gift, whether it is for a wedding, birthday or any occasion, have the decorum to send a thank you communiqué, because it lets the person know that you have placed great importance on the giver and the gift.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Books That Make Wonderful Last Minute Gifts

With the holidays upon us, we thought we would list some great novels, memoirs, and short stories representing a myriad of authors and genres. And if you are looking for some last-minute gift ideas, you may want to consider giving one or more of these memorable reads to the special people in your life. To purchase any of these books on Amazon, just click on the title. Enjoy and happy reading.

My Heart in Seoul and its sequel, Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky by Sydney Arrison - Touching romance stories.

The Racketeer by John Grisham - A page-turning plot with a blend of murder, suspense, and righteousness.

Hold Me in Contempt by Wendy Williams - An engaging and compelling interracial romance novel.

Cross My Heart by James Patterson (The Alex Cross Series) - A page-turning psychological thriller.

Little Green by Walter Mosley (The Easy Rollins Collection) - Urban fiction at its best.

12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup - A must read memoir.

In Strict Confidence by Dwayne Joseph - A cat and mouse crime novel.

Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith - An intriguing suspense tale.

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin - A realistic crime story.

A Daughter’s Rage by Ronald Gordon - A spellbinding paranormal tale.

Dead on Arrival by Dorothy Simpson - A whodunit murder mystery.

66 Million $ Fiction by Brenny Foster - A well written short story with a powerful message.

Hunting Badger by Tony Hillerman - A murder mystery bringing together two Navajo detectives.

NeuroLoveology: The Power To Mindful Love & Sex by Dr. Ava Cadell - A great reference to Understanding Love, Sex and Intimacy.

The Screen Conspiracy by Maxwell Black - A crime story linking politics, law enforcement and the tech world.

The Black Count by Tom Reiss - A well written biography on Thomas-Alex Dumas, who The Count of Monte Cristo written by his son, Alexandre Dumas, is based on.

Deception in Plain Sight by Vivienne Diane Neal - A crime story with a twist.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Tips for Smart Holiday Shopping

With the holidays here, many of us will be purchasing gifts for our family, friends and business associates and using debit or credit cards to make these purchases. Most of us will be shopping either online or at brick and mortar establishments. However, with debit and credit card use, comes credit card fraud and identity theft? Because consumers are so preoccupied during this time of the year, individuals may tend to let their guard down when it comes to using their credit card or debit card. Following are some simple tips to safeguard you from credit card fraud and identity theft.

Never give your credit card number to anyone who calls you without verifying his or her identity.

Always keep your PIN (Personal Identification Number) private. Never give it out, and never keep it on you.

Some establishments have been caught adding digits to credit card slips after consumers sign them. For example, you think you are paying $25.00 for an item, but when you look at your credit card receipt, you will see $125.00.

After a purchase, make certain the card you get back is yours.

You should report cards, which have been lost or stolen immediately. Credit card companies can freeze your account and issue you a new card without delay.

Review your monthly statements promptly and carefully for unauthorized purchases.

Merchants, who accept payment by credit card, must also disclose any limitations on the use of that card. Disclosure must be conspicuous at the entrance to the store and in any ads, which indicate the credit card acceptance. New York State law prohibits surcharges on credit card purchases.

Retailers who accept payment by credit card cannot set a minimum purchase amount for credit card use.

If you use a debit card to withdraw money from an ATM machine, make certain you take your receipt with you and review it for accuracy. Never leave or discard the receipt in a public receptacle.

Avoid using ATM machines that are located on public streets or in remote areas. Try to use an ATM machine in a bank lobby during banking hours.

If you are shopping online:

Never purchase items on sites that do not have the secure icon, usually located at the bottom window at the right side. The address bar that carries the https is securer than the http prefix.

Try to shop at reputable e-commerce sites. A good clue is to look at the copyright year; if it says © 1999 and the current year is 2014, select another site or check out the company with the Butter Business Bureau. You can also send an email question to the company. If they do not respond within 48 hours, select another site.

Never give your social security number to any site.

If you suspect fraud, contact the Federal Trade Commission at, and order a copy of your credit report from each of the three national credit agencies and once a year from

Happy Smart Holiday Shopping!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Virtual Book Tour - Kiss My Lips by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Title: Kiss My Lips
Series: Holiday Series, #2
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Multicultural/Interracial
ISBN: 978-1502776549 (Paperback)
Publication Date: Wednesday 29th October 2014
Cover Artist: Love Bites And Silk
Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series Book 2) is a sequel to
Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series Book 1).
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Will one kiss seal their love? Accepting Logan’s marriage proposal was the most exciting event of Lorna’s life. But deciding in what country to marry her fiancé proved to be more than a tearful ordeal. When Lorna’s dad announced unexpected news, the wedding wheels spun in a different direction. With other family members stirring conflict, would there be a wedding? Or would their shared kiss deepen their desire?

The doorbell sounded.
Lorna lifted her teary face out of her aunt's arms. "Who else are you expecting this morning? You’ve got more surprises in store for me, Auntie?"
Instead of answering the question, her aunt glanced at her brother.

"Please get the door, Kanu. I'll quickly get changed. Make my guest welcome, will you?"

Lorna looked from the woman rushing off to her father, who was striding towards the front door. She plucked out a handful of tissue from her bag, wiped off streaks of wet mascara and sat on the black leather bar stool by the kitchen island. She poured herself a glass of mango juice and was sipping the drink when her father came back with Logan in tow.

The glass slipped out of her right fingers but she rescued it with her left hand. Her stomach muscles contracted. Her feet rushed ahead and she threw herself into Logan's outstretched arms.

He scented of warm balsam. She inhaled as her head rested on the hard plane of his chest wall. Pure joy leaked out of her heart, flooding her entire body. The arms holding her were all taut muscle and strength. She wrapped her arms round his black silk shirt and burst into tears.

"Maybe I should leave you two," her father excused, walking in the direction of the second guest bedroom through the hallway.

Logan guided his fiancée to the pale green, moriko leaf upholstered sofa. He sat down and pulled her to sit across his thighs.

Lorna sobbed.

Logan let her cry. From time to time, he wiped her face.

Through her tears, she saw a tiny trickle of moisture drop down one lane on his cheek. "Are you crying, Logan?" she asked, not quite sure he understood her pain. She wiped one finger over the wetness and then, she saw another small tear, drop out of his right eye.

With her face only inches from his, Lorna kissed his half-parted lips. The kiss was raw and hungry as her tongue dived into his mouth, demanding and taking. Her nipples stiffened in her body-hugging top and she pressed her breasts into his torso.

Logan's arms crashed around her shoulders and the chiseled wall of his chest teased her nipples taut. Wild fire raged as his tongue dipped into her mouth, taking control and sending flickers of burning heat through her thighs.

"Your dad and aunt are here, sweetheart. Do you want me to show them how much you mean to me?" Logan's sensible words brought her back to her aunt's living room. She leaned her head on his forehead.

"When I saw the tear drop from your eye, fireworks exploded in my chest. You cried with me, Logan," she said in awe.

 "Did I?" Logan shrugged, running one finger across her lips. "Love is a strange emotion, Lorna. Your pain is my pain and your joy is mine."

Stella’s a fun loving mother of two, married to her very own gorgeous alpha male who satisfies her romantic appetite.

Writing romance novels is now her full time passion. In 2010, Stella created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels laced with the right cocktail of blazing passion, intrigue & toe-curling romance set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and America. There are seven contemporary romance novels in the basket; Loitering Shadows, Stormy Defense, Beyond the Lady, The Gardener’s Ice Maiden, Sparkling Dawn, Husband to Rent, Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1).

My first historical romance is on my writing desk at the moment. In my leisure, I go swimming, reads romance novels, go to the Cinema and watch TV.

Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you an amazing holiday season.

Our to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.

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Kiss My Lips Teaser
Kiss My Lips Teaser