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Virtual Book Tour - Featuring Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, Author of Wild Whispers, A Tender Novella

From the Author of Red Velvet Rose

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
No of Pages: 106
ISBN: 978-1530511259

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Wild Whispers Blog Tour Ends Thursday, May 26th, 2016

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Scarred but not broken, beautiful Adaora Dike made a tough choice early in life and she had no regret until she lost everyone and everything without warning. She finds comfort in a quiet home in the woods, deep in Dagor Village. Out there, Adaora discovers nature and animals do not condemn, only people do. One rainy night, a male shadow dashes across her yard, her heart flips over and she faces emotional chaos.

While on a field trip in Africa, handsome photographer, Gary Mason gets stranded in the woods. He finds an abandoned shelter occupied by a lonely but lovely woman he cannot get out of his head. This is one photography shoot he wants to forget, but Adaora has a firm grip on his heart and might change his life forever.

Through many Wild Whispers, will Adaora and Gary change each other or will fate intervene to keep them apart?
Wild Whispers

When Adaora recovered from the shock of watching Gary mend her leaking roof, she burst into a string of laughter.

For as long as she had lived here, no man had offered to help out with any work that needed to be done. She fixed many things herself. But her skills did not include climbing the roof.

She folded her arms and looked up at him in awe. “Thank you, Gary. You mean the carpenter sealed the leaks instead of replacing the leaking sheets?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said in his most refined British accent.

She giggled. “Thank you. What a kind gesture. Look at me worrying about the noise waking you up from your precious sleep. I’ll go and cook us something to eat. It is my favourite dish. Do you eat spicy food?”

He laughed at her with his eyes. “Try me.”

Author Bio

Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, Author
Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku is a fun loving mother of two teenagers, married to her gorgeous husband and best friend who indulges her romantic habits. Writing contemporary and historical romance novels is an exciting adventure for her. Out of curiosity and belief that love conquers all, she has written several Interracial & Multicultural Romance Novels.

In 2010, Stella created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels, a collection of toe-curling, intriguing, and skin-tingling romance with compelling characters who have heart and soul and jump off the pages of the book. All her stories are dotted with twists and turns and are set in fascinating
Africa, enticing Europe & enchanting America.

To experience and enjoy an intense emotional ride, pick up a copy of any of her novels: Loitering Shadows, Beyond the Lady, The Gardener's Ice Maiden, Sparkling Dawn, Husband to Rent, Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1), Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2), Forbidden Dance, Stolen Valentine Kiss & Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series 2~ Books ~ in ~ 1), Tempting Desire, Seduced Hearts, Red Velvet Rose and Wild Whispers. Stella's first historical/suspense/mystery romance, Royal Cowries (Cowries Series #1) will give you an insight into a different

A luxury home by the seaside is on Stella's wish list. In her spare time, she loves to swim on her back like a starfish, watch TV, go to the movies with her family and read romance novels.

Author Sites


SALES LINKS (eBook) 99 cents

Smashwords (eBook) (Paperback)

Createspace (Paperback)

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Writing With Purpose Blog Tour - Black Bird Detective Series by Sage

The Black Bird Detective Series - Soulful Novellas

Contemporary Fiction, Murder, Mayhem, and Mystery

 Meet the Characters from the Black Bird Detective Series

Detective Raven Carter Raven is the daughter of Detective Kelsey from Assumptions Abound. She is a tall, long sultry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she is mixed with African-American and Caucasian and a sight to behold.

Carlotta Carlotta is back and with each book series you find out just how deep the abyss of her mind can go.

Dr. Arial Frederickson A drug addicted, Xanax and Percocet popping Psychiatrist. She is there to help her patients, if only she can save herself first.

Richard Worthington – Monét Worthington father is out of prison after serving nearly 30 years. Tall, dark and handsome with aged wisdom and salt & pepper gray seasonings, he is a tantalizing sight. He has his heart set on two things, finding his children and revenge. With all the danger going on around Cold Creek County, Richard may be the most dangerous.


About the Black Bird Detective Series


When you begin to read Assumptions Abound you step inside of the book and journey along with the characters. Assumptions Abound will keep you on the edge of your seat as you ride every twist and turn.

Assumptions Abound is a murder mystery, thriller and thought-provoking novel combined into one. This novel is told through the words of Monét Worthington. Monét is a naïve girl with a tumultuous past and a troublesome childhood. Subjected to rape, mental and physical abuse, Monét is terrified to think about her future. Her terror continues as she finds herself running for her life! Lucky for Monét she has Victoria to protect her. Victoria loves Monét and she is willing to do anything for her, including commit murder. Only Monét has no idea that Victoria exists.

Monét tells her life story as her loved ones and those around her are brutally murdered. The plot twists and turns as the murder investigations ensue. This psychological thriller has all of the key ingredients to create an explosive literary masterpiece.

Detective Nina Kelsey is also introduced in this series. Detective Kelsey is not who she appears to be. A complex person with her own dark past, Detective Kelsey is always searching for more. She is determined to solve the Cold Creek murders before another life is lost.

Fireworks will ignite when Detective Kelsey and Monét Worthington meet and someone ends up dead.

Through this story, the Black Bird Detective Series is born. Assumptions Abound is the first book in the Black Bird Detective Series. This collection features characters from Assumptions Abound, including Raven Carter. Raven is a young African-American detective determined to solve murders in the small town of Cold Creek. As she solves mysteries, she also works to uncover the truth about her past. The trilogy continues with Seeking Truth, Sweet Revenge and The Butterfly.

Assumptions Abound (Black Bird Detective Series)


The darkness enveloped my room as I lay in bed with my eyes shut tightly and my arms wrapped across my chest. My heart beat steadily and rapidly against my chest. I said a silent prayer that tonight would be different, but I knew in my heart that tonight would be like so many other nights before it.

When I heard his footsteps in the distance I closed my eyes tightly and prayed that he would walk by my room. He quietly opened the door and pried the covers away from me. He lay in the bed next to me and I cried as another night passed by without an answer to my prayer. I decided that if I wanted to get away from him, I would have to take matters into my own hands.

He kissed my cheek and whispered “good night” in my ear. I didn’t respond. I was hoping that he would die right there. He didn’t care about me. My thoughts were swirling around in my head. I realized that nobody could save me from this monster. Then suddenly I heard a voice.

The voice whispered in the darkness, “You must do it. Who else will protect you, but you?” I listened to the voice. “Have you ever killed anyone?” said the voice. “No!” I responded. I was only seven years old. I knew nothing about death. I thought to myself. The voice heard my thoughts. “True you are only seven, but we can show them that it doesn’t matter how old you are. You can still make a difference.” The voice calmly replied.

And so it began… 

Have you ever killed anyone? I have and I must say it is the most exhilarating experience in the world. If I had to quantify it I would say that committing a murder is more exhilarating than sky diving, surfing or skiing down a hill at top speed. There is something powerful about watching the life leave a person’s body and hearing them take their last breath.

The first person I killed was my mother’s boyfriend Luciano. He was a handsome Italian man with dark hair and dark brown eyes. I remember everything about him. He would touch me in my special place, even after I told him that he shouldn’t. He took advantage of me and I promised myself that I would never let another person take advantage of me again.

I took a knife out of the drawer in the kitchen and hid it under my pillow. I knew that once my mother fell asleep, he would creep into my room and that particular night I was ready for him. I pretended like I was sleeping when he slowly opened the door and walked into my room. I felt him climb into the bed behind me and snuggle close to my back. I felt his breath on my neck. When he reached around to take my nightgown off of me, I grabbed the knife. Before he could react, I shoved the kitchen knife into his throat.

I still remember the look on his face. His eyes bulged out of his head and he grasped at his throat trying to stop the blood. My heart was beating so fast and I felt a rush of pure adrenaline. I watched him closely as he struggled to breathe. I put my ear close to his face; smelling the metallic scent of his blood and listening to him mumble inaudible words.

I watched intently as his chest rose and fell for the last time. As I watched the life leave his body, I knew that this could not be the end.

Luciano died that cold rainy night, he was the first person to meet the real me. Luciano metVictoria as his life slowly crept away from his body. 


© 2015 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Sage. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

Order Book 1: Assumptions Abound (Black Bird Detective Series) 

Audio Preview: Assumptions Abound by Sage 

Listen to the reading:

The characters from Assumptions Abound are all grown up and searching for answers. Detective Raven Carter is on a quest. For years her mother lied to her about her past and now that her mother is dead, Raven wants to know the truth. Joel knows that his past is riddled with secrets, whispers and lies, but wait until he finds out that it also involves murder. Joel and Raven are engaged and planning their future together. Little do they know...their past will be the ultimate deciding factor for their future. Meet Raymond Thomas, the Superintendent of Cold Creek Public Schools. As the Superintendent of a large school district, Raymond has a lot to prove. When his employees are systemically murdered, Raymond may have more to prove than he could ever imagine.

Download Seeking Truth by Sage

A high profile murder sets Raven on a wild goose chase to find the killer. Her boss is pressuring her to handle the case and he is personally involving himself. Raven must be careful; as she chases the next criminal, someone is chasing her. She hasn’t forgotten about her estranged husband. He is the love of her life, only problem…he wants her dead, or does he? The wealthy son of a local socialite and businessman are adding to Raven’s headache. He is demanding answers that Raven does not have. When the case heats up, Raven may end up burned. Raymond is back with an ax to grind. He has enacted a plan to take down those who damaged his reputation, stole his money and ruined his life. Will he succeed? Everyone is out for revenge….but as the saying goes, Revenge is a dish best served fast and cold!

Download Sweet Revenge by Sage

Meet the Butterfly, sexy, intelligent and lethal but severely lacking in self-esteem. With nothing to lose and everything to gain she is on a journey. A journey to make everyone who hurt her, pay. As confident as she is about her journey, there is one thing that she never considered. Will that thing be her ultimate destruction? 

Order The Butterfly by Sage, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Book 4 in the Black Bird Detective Series

Intimate Conversation with Sage

Sage was born and raised in Huntingtown, MD. She has been married to her best friend, for over ten years and they have two amazing sons. She is also an Autism advocate and a parent of an autistic child, which inspired her to write a non-fiction book on raising a child on the Autism spectrum, The Optimistic Autistic: Our Testimony.

Sage also writes mysteries centered on characters that are close to the heart. She has vowed to produce books that encourage the reader to deliberately read; not just for entertainment but to read with the intention of solving the mystery along with the Detective.

Her belief that, “if you don’t see the books you’re searching for write them” has inspired her to write with a purpose and a passion. 

BPM: When did you get your first inkling to write, and how did you advance the call for writing? Reading and writing are life-long passions of mine. I have been indulging in my passion of writing since I was 13. I want to share my passion of writing psychological thrillers with the world. My mother was the first person to place a book in my hands. My father taught me how to work hard at the things that I wanted in life. I worked at achieving my Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 2009. I am now funneling that same determination and tenacity in marketing my book series.

BPM: Tell us about your passion for writing. Why do you write? What drives you? I love to read different types of books, but I have a preference for mystery and thrillers. I enjoy a heart pumping adrenaline rush type of book. It was my love of mysteries and thrillers that stoked my interests in writing. The under-representation of African American characters in the books I read resonated within me. I am inspired to fill the void with my murder mystery series. 

BPM: What hurdles, if any, did you have to overcome as a new author and business owner? It’s difficult to get noticed in this industry as a mystery author. It seems like the publishers want to pigeonhole authors into one genre. It is my goal to abolish the myth that we only write urban themed books. My goal is to show through my books that black authors write thought provoking, suspense-driven novels as well.

BPM: What’s the most important quality a writer should have in your opinion? Passion is the most important quality a writer can possess. Passion invokes determination, which in turn creates a hunger so intense that the writer can’t sleep, eat or function without transferring their story from their mind to paper. That is what I consider pure magic. If passion doesn’t drive you then you can’t make magic happen.

BPM: Our life experiences, challenges and success help define who we are on many levels. At what point in your career did you discover your real worth and own it? I started writing when I was a teenager. The turning point in my life was when my oldest sister suddenly died of a heart attack, then less than four years later my other sister was diagnosed with heart failure. I became determined to see all of my dreams come true. No matter what, I want to see my book in the hands of every reader. I’m driven by the spirit of my sister and the support of my family; with determination such as that I will be successful. 

BPM: What genre is this book? Do you write all of your books in this category? Why? The Black Bird Detective Series is a mystery book and a psychological thriller, combined. I love to write mystery books because they keep the heart pumping with the turn of each page. 

I also wrote a non-fiction book on Autism. Autism has touched our family in such a tremendous way. Both my 10-year-old son and 10-year-old nephew are Autistic. Through the years we have experienced many different emotions while raisingJordan. As I write to you today, the strongest emotion that I feel is pride. I am proud of our children for their ability to be independent of the label that society has placed on them. Many times parents hear the word Autism and have no idea what it really means. The moment we received Jordan’s diagnosis our lives changed. Initially, we thought the world was closing in around us. Then, we found our strength. We realized that through telling our stories we gain strength. So we wrote, The Optimistic Autistic – Our Testimony, which is also available on

BPM: Do you set out to educate or inspire, entertain or illuminate a particular subject? I set out to entertain my readers. I want readers to be entertained and while they’re being entertained, they’re learning something. I conduct a great amount of research for the developing of each book to ensure that readers learn something they never knew. I love to inspire readers to continue reading. 

BPM: Do you have any advice for people seeking to publish a book? Believe in what you are writing. As long as you believe in your writing and the purpose for what you do, there is nothing that can stop you. You must take the first step though. If you want to write a book, start writing. Don’t put it off any longer. If you need assistance with writing or publishing your book please contact me at

BPM: What should readers DO after reading this book? Once readers have put down Assumptions Abound, make your next purchase of Seeking Truth and Sweet Revenge. I tell you to purchase them both, because you will not want to wait for the book to ship to find out what happens next. The book series is so enthralling that you will not want to miss a beat.

BPM: What are your career goals as a writer? Have you accomplished most of them? My career goals as a writer are to assist others with living out their dreams of writing a book. I have written and published over 10 books and I don’t plan on stopping. I want to show others that there is a way to get their thoughts, words or message out there and I am willing to help them.

I have accomplished many of the goals that I have set regarding my writing, but there is so much more work left to be done. I plan to turn my mystery trilogy series into a mini-series. I would love to see Raven on the big screen. 

Instagram: sageauthorsitall; Facebook: Sage

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Eliza and Lena Cummings are two sisters bound by love and responsibility. Eliza is the youngest sister with a naive mind and a broken spirit; she is willing to fall for anyone who gives her attention. Sadly, Raphael is right there to give her all she needs.

When a random vacation turns into something more dangerous,Lena is forced to make a decision. Does she listen to her sister, who has had her back since childhood or the man of her dreams?

Only time will tell who is out ofLena’s best interests.

Will it be too late forLena?

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Will He Ask You Out?

Being in love is one of the most exciting emotions a person can experience. However, if you are unsure whether the person feels the same way, take the quiz to find out by clicking here. Enjoy

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International Blog Tour - Alpha Four Series by Mia Dymond

Alpha Four Series 


Treasure Me (Alpha Four, Book 1):

Reputable fine art broker Sophie Graystone has a knack for acquiring one-of-a-kind artifacts. A seasoned professional, she marches to the beat of her own drum and takes direction from no one.

Lt. Dagan “Rebel” Caldwell, ex-Army Ranger and investigator for Alpha Four, is driven by an iron will to succeed and is talented in the ability to convince others to conform. He soon learns that he has met his match in one certain female.

Assigned to investigate several attempted thefts of Sophie’s paintings, Rebel’s skill and talent are sorely tested when Sophie challenges him at every turn, aggravating and arousing him in the process. Desperate to get his man, Rebel uses her rebellion as a secret weapon, hoping to win her heart in the process.

Tame Me (Alpha Four, Book 2):

Relaxed, laid-back spa owner Kat Abbott isn't immune to confrontation - being the daughter of a federal judge has taught her not to cower in the face of challenge.

Former Army Ranger, demolitions expert, and member of Alpha Four, Jace "Chaos" Taylor has made it his life's mission to obliterate evil, despite being haunted by shadows of the past.

Thrown together by a madman's vengeance, Kat and Chaos find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Both accustomed to calling the shots, their relationship is complicated, to say the least. Yet, when evil takes the upper hand, the couple must overcome obstacles that threaten to separate them forever.

Watch Me (Alpha Four, Book 3):

Event planner Carley Kensworth lives an extremely structured lifestyle, planning each activity down to the most minute detail. Organization is the name of the game and she refuses to falter.

Sgt. Gage “Ace” Moore, ex-Army Ranger, skilled sniper, and Alpha Four investigator, thrives on living in the moment, content to tackle obstacles as they appear. Intent on untying Carley’s structured strings, he vows to show her the value of spontaneity.

Ace’s patience pays off when Carley finally agrees to break free of her protective shell and do things his way. However, when Carley’s events become victims of sabotage, both structure and spontaneity prove to be the key to saving her reputation and her life.

Humor Me (Alpha Four, Book 4):

Licensed psychologist and relationship expert, Olivia “Liv” Blackwell uses her people skills to orchestrate happily ever afters for her exclusive clients.  Blessed with a natural talent for social grace, she is well-respected and successful.

Retired Army Ranger and founder of Alpha Four, Cpt. Beck “Thunder” Raines has refined the practice of law and order.  Working long hours and under the radar keep him out of the public eye.

Determined to show Thunder the benefit of getting out more, Liv accepts the task of socializing the introverted soldier.  Yet, when an elaborate blackmail scheme turns personal the couple learns a whole new type of social etiquette.

Alpha Four Series Purchase Links

Treasure Me (Alpha Four, Book 1)


Tame Me (Alpha Four, Book 2)

Watch Me (Alpha Four, Book 3)

Humor Me (Alpha Four, Book 4) - COMING SOON

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Stay with Me – Sam Smith
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Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith
Miss Independent – Kelly Clarkson
Shut Up and Hold On – Toby Keith
Drink You Away – Justin Timberlake
Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammer

Mia’s Top Tens


1.     Steele Street series by Tara Janzen
2.     Carpathian novels by Christine Feehan
3.     Nauti Boys series by Lora Leigh
4.     Winston Brothers series by Lori Foster
5.     Masters & Mercenaries series by Lexi Blake
6.     Hot Zone series by Carly Phillips
7.     In Deep Voodoo by Stephanie Bond
8.     The Mackenzie Family series by Liliana Hart
9.     I’m In No Mood For Love by Rachel Gibson
10.   The Bodyguards series by Cindy Gerard


1.     Lora Leigh
2.     Lexi Blake
3.     Lori Foster
4.     Carly Phillips
5.     Christine Feehan
6.     Tara Janzen
7.     Cindy Gerard
8.     Stephanie Bond      
9.     Erin McCarthy
10.   Liliana Hart


1.     Steven Tyler
2.     Vin Diesel
3.     John Cena
4.     Matthew McConaughey
5.     Owen Wilson
6.     Adam Levine
7.     Kelly Ripa
8.     Anne Hathaway
9.     Rebel Wilson
10.   Leslie Mann


Treasure Me, Alpha Four Book 1:

At the sound of the voice behind her, Sophie gasped and spun around, her free fist raised and ready to put up a fight, even more shocked at the sight of Rebel standing directly in her line of vision. In the heat of the moment, she wasn’t sure if it was paranoia or extreme fear – not that it mattered which one – but one or the other amped up her adrenaline and pretty much dictated her response. Without warning, her fist connected with his brick wall of a chest.
Not one word left his lips and he stood stoic, obviously not bothered in the least by her attack. Probably because her fist bounced off like a rubber ball. His lips curved into a smirk.
“Easy there, tiger.”
Ignoring his smooth, rich response and thigh-tightening smirk, she stood on her tiptoes, wrapped both hands around his equally-muscled shoulders, and shook him. Never mind that she couldn’t move the mountain in front of her.
“You scared me to death!”
With little effort, he peeled her fingers from his muscle, placed a hand to the small of her back and then led her to an annoying familiar vehicle parked at the curb; so much for avoiding a bodyguard. As if he’d done it a thousand times before, he opened the passenger door and then gestured at the seat.
Although still somewhat shocked by the whole ordeal, she managed to find a tiny bit of resistance. She planted her feet on the curb and raised an eyebrow.
For a few seconds, they both stood stoic, engaged in a silent battle of wills. She had no idea just how stubborn he could be, but she knew her own stamina and had no intention of giving in.
“Get in the car, Sophie.”
Still, she stood immobile, her eyes narrowed, determined to wait him out. For several seconds, they simply stared at each other, gazes locked, each issuing a silent dare. Sophie didn’t care if her eyes caught fire, she would win this showdown. Finally, he released a hard breath.
She gave him what she intended to be a cheeky smile and entered the vehicle. He shook his head, closed the door, and then entered the driver’s side several seconds later.
“Are you always this difficult?”
He chuckled as he drove away from the curb and into traffic. “Where were you headed?”
“To my studio.”
“Normally, the tail needs that information.”
She shrugged. “Normally.”
“Good thing I was up early.”
“You wish. I knew you wouldn’t follow instructions.”
“Really? What gave you that impression?”
“Your father didn’t tell you much about me, did he?”
“Good thing.”
“If the Senator had told you even half of what he knows about me, you wouldn’t have gotten in the truck.”
She swallowed hard – not out of fear like she probably should have, but to keep the twenty or so questions from escaping out of sheer intrigue. Apparently this man had deep dark secrets – ones she wanted very much for him to expose.
“That still doesn’t explain how you claim to have known I wouldn’t follow instructions.”
He moved his head toward the rearview mirror and then turned it to the front windshield. “I was an Army Ranger, a tracker to be exact. I’m trained to read people.” He turned and grinned. “I knew what you planned before you did.”
“Is that so?”
He simply nodded without hesitation, confidence oozing from every pore in his body. Oddly, the arrogance didn’t offend her. Instead, her mouth watered and her breasts tightened to the extent that she was sure her nipples might poke a hole in her blouse. She dabbed the corners of her mouth with her tongue. No sense letting him see her slobber all over him like a rabid dog.
“Okay then, O wise one, what do you suppose I’ll do next?”
He released another of those knee-weakening smirks and suddenly she wanted to kiss it off his face. Press her lips against his and nibble her way all around them until she literally swallowed him whole. As strong as she knew this man to be, there was absolutely no doubt in her mind that his kisses would be hard and dominating. In an attempt at self-control, she folded her arms across her chest and attempted to appear smug.
In what she dubbed an I’m-so-smooth manner, he changed lanes and then parked the vehicle next to a curb. “Now you’ll go inside your studio and explain to your assistant – Robert, if I remember correctly – why Mrs. Vanderbuilt’s painting wasn’t returned to your studio last night as planned.”
She turned and glanced out the passenger window at the scripted lettering on the building there. Treasure Me. Okay so he was exactly right.
She turned and raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you coming along?”
“I was under the impression you didn’t want a bodyguard.”
“I don’t.” She reached for the door handle and pulled, annoyed when the door wouldn’t budge.
When she lifted her gaze to his and frowned, he snickered and then the click of the locks sounded in the silence.
“Five minutes,” he said.
She opened the door, stepped out and then glanced back at him. “Ten,” she said as she slammed the door on any further response.

Tame Me, Alpha Four Book 2:

Thankful to be home under lock and key, Kat braced herself on one hip against the doorway to the kitchen and fought the urge to drool. Chaos stood at the stove, his jeans settled on his perfectly–sculpted hipbones and his light blue, crisp, cotton shirt draped over his lean torso, the sleeves cuffed and resting just above his elbows. Unbuttoned to the fourth button – not that she was counting – that lucky, lucky shirt rubbed his tanned, muscled abdomen with his every movement.
As if his body was not already stimulating enough, he was cooking.
Luckily, her clients had kept her busy all day at the spa. Otherwise she just might have locked the door and had her wicked way with the wild stallion. When they returned to her home approximately an hour ago, she’d made a mad dash for the shower. Space was the best thing for them right now, but she knew that was relatively impossible. Not with an unknown maniac on the loose.
She gave a soft sigh. The man didn’t have an imperfection anywhere on his body. And, although she didn’t know him all that well, she had discovered he was a little softer under his armor than he would admit.
At the sound of his low, husky voice, she regretfully moved her gaze from his enticing body into his mysterious green eyes, and intercepted a look of what she interpreted as amusement.
“Starving,” she answered truthfully. “What did you find to cook?”
“I managed to scrounge enough for an omelet and bacon.”
Her mouth watered and she didn’t know for sure if the cause was his body or the smell of the food.
“Smells wonderful.”
She pushed herself off the wall and stepped into the kitchen just as he turned away from the stove to face her. Her heart flip–flopped in her chest and she grabbed the back of her kitchen chair to keep from reaching for him.
He took two steps forward and then stopped. “Come here, Kat.”
“You know why.”
“No, I don’t.”
He stepped in front of the chair and reached to loosen her left hand’s hold. As soon as he freed her fingers, he urged her forward until she stood directly in front of him.
He tipped her chin with his free hand. “Yes, you do.”
Oh, she knew. She knew perfectly well what was about to happen. She just hoped she could draw enough oxygen across her lungs to keep from passing out.
“I do,” she whispered.
Milliseconds later, their lips met and her eyes fell closed. Fireworks in vivid Technicolor exploded behind her eyelids and she wallowed in the pure, wanton pleasure of kissing him. Warm, wet desire pulsed between them. Desperate to feel more of the undisputed pleasure, she groaned and leaned into him, smashing her lips harder against his.
A slight chill at her neck told her he had brushed her hair back from her shoulder and soon she felt the warm touch of his fingers, massaging the base of her neck. Pressure on her lower back followed and soon their bodies aligned.
Goosebumps raced up her arms and over her shoulders as his fingers continued to draw circles on her skin and his lips continued to play havoc on hers. And just when she thought she’d die from the sheer pleasure of it all, he opened his mouth over hers. She wasted no time in opening hers as well and met his tongue with her own. Their tongues tangled in the heated moment and then as if he couldn’t get enough of her, he opened his mouth wider, his lips pressing impossibly harder against hers.
A whimper left her lips, a coded plea for more of his domination. Flesh slid across flesh as their lips met in a mutually satisfying dance.
And then something outside the ring of fire that surrounded them intruded, threatening to penetrate and then spoil her ecstasy.
Lost in utter contentment, she hesitated in her assault on his lips only because of the screaming sirens in the back of her mind. Hoping she hadn’t really heard them, she pressed her mouth firmly back against his. Much to her dismay, he suddenly pried their lips apart. It was then that her brain fully comprehended the sound of the security alarm.

Watch Me, Alpha Four Book 3:

Carley didn’t have to turn around to know the minute he stood behind her; her body sensed his arrival. Her breasts tightened. Her stomach muscles fluttered. A wave of heat crossed her chest, covering her skin in a nice red blush. She turned to find a sexy smirk directed right at her. She worked hard to keep her own tongue in her mouth, grateful when he extended a hand and spoke first. 
“May I have this dance, Miss Kensworth?” 
She paused for a brief moment to listen to the music and her heartbeat quickened when she heard the slow, sexy beat. Suddenly she couldn’t wait to press her body against his. 
She slid her hand into his and stood while she shot her grandmother a you-were-exactly-right smirk. 
“Of course,” she told him. 
As soon as he held her in his arms and they swayed gently in time to the music, all her stress and tension seemed to melt away. Wrapped in the strength of his hold, she was content to stay there – music or not. 
“I see Remington made an appearance tonight.” 
She smiled, not surprised by his knowledge. Obviously, Nana’s observation was accurate. “Yes, he’s still working on votes for the port.” 
“Think he’s made any progress?” 
“Hard to tell.” She shrugged. “Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between honest interest and a polite brush-off.” 
“Especially with this crowd,” he agreed as he pulled her closer against him and then whispered against the shell of her ear. “You look stunning.” 
For once she appreciated the stilettos that wrapped her feet. Although they weren’t the most practical or comfortable footwear, at least they boosted her enough to whisper into his ear. 
“You too.” 
“I had a personal shopper.” 
She grinned. Although his suit coat accented the impressive bulge of muscles beneath and the cut of his slacks revealed the strength of his thighs and legs as he moved, she would make only one change. She’d ditch the tie and unbutton his shirt to the third – maybe fourth – button. She knew from experience that would increase donations ten-fold. Unfortunately, this dinner was not a fundraiser and it would only cause a female riot. 
“What are you thinking?” 
“How to get you naked.” 
She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth to keep from laughing out loud as he stumbled in mid-step and then gently eased her back until his heated gaze met hers. 
“You’re a beautiful tease.” 
“Who says I’m teasing?” 
She tilted her head to one side and waited for his response to her totally spontaneous offer while several other couples danced around them. Intense heat built in the small space between them and she wondered how long it would take for either of them to combust. 
He finally smashed her back against him and tightened his hold on her hips. “Later,” he mumbled. 
“Pity.” She released an exaggerated sigh. “There’s an empty closet just behind the kitchen.” 
His hands moved to the small of her back and his fingers began to knead the muscles beneath the bare skin there. Seconds seemed like hours while she waited for him to accept or reject her not-so-subtle offer. 
“Carley,” he said finally in a soft, low tone. “Are you serious?” 
A slow smile split her lips as she took a step back and captured his gaze. “Absolutely.” 

“Go.” He released her abruptly. “Doubletime. I’ll only be a few minutes behind.”