Monday, July 27, 2015

When Your Clean-Cut Image Becomes Tarnished by Vivienne Diane Neal

Human beings are not perfect. Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes. Some oversights are minor, while others can be devastating. Depending on the seriousness of the blunder, a simple apology may suffice. But, when infidelity occurs in a marriage, the damage done can be more demoralizing because the trust is now broken.  Only the person hurt or affected by the indiscretion and the unfaithful spouse will have to work out the difficulties on their own terms and in private.
But what happens when the person committing the indiscretion is well-known and is constantly in the public’s eye? Society has a tendency to put some of these people on a pedestal or assign them the title: “role model,” which can be a heavy burden to carry because high expectations are always placed on these people. At the same time, society is just as quick to knock these people off that foundation when cheating on one’s spouse is involved, and the transgression becomes public knowledge. Suddenly, the floodgates of salacious details slowly come to the surface. Before you know it, the person’s lack of judgment becomes front-page news and a lead-in for the six o’clock news. Now everyone becomes the judge, jury and castigator, because the public feels betrayed. Yet, the person who committed the wrongdoing becomes irate because he or his family’s life is no longer a private matter.

Awhile back, many women came forward accusing a famous and well-admired celebrity of sexual misconduct. He denied the improprieties, and many of the accusers were vilified by the public. But recently, sealed court documents revealed that the person confessed to giving Quaaludes to a woman, without her knowledge or consent, so he could have sex with her. How he could have thought this and other misdeeds would stay hush-hush for so long is far-fetched. Like an ostrich, he must have buried his head in the sand. It is also alleged that some of the women were paid-off to keep quiet, and two of his accusers did receive a settlement. Since the statute of limitations for sexual assault has expired, we don’t know if this person will ever face any criminal charges.

Many prominent people will knowingly put themselves in compromising positions, thinking their money, power and status will protect them, but this is not always the case.

If you want to preserve your somewhat clean-cut image and protect yourself from serious accusations, the first rule of thumb is to honor your vows. Surround yourself with people who will always watch your back and steer you on the right path. Not everyone who chuckles and smiles in your face, pats you on the back or shakes your hand is a friend or means you well. A true friend will never urge you to take part in any precarious acts that would put you, your spouse, and others in an embarrassing situation. If you have to meet a woman for a business meeting, meet in a public place and not in a hotel room where there is just the two of you. Take a confidant with you.

Do not share any intimate information with anyone other than your spouse; if you do, it is no longer confidential. All it takes is for an argument, a misunderstanding, envy or jealousy to rear its ugly head, and everything you have said or done in concealment might eventually become tomorrow’s headlines. If you feel the urge to have an affair, nip it in the bud, be upfront and talk it over with your spouse. If a partner conducts a clandestine affair using text messaging, email or a cell phone, he is definitely begging to get caught in the act.

Finally, if fidelity is not your cup of tea and having a harem or women, who are consenting adults and willing participants, in every port is your thing, do yourself a big favor: Don’t Get Married! When you play outside of your marriage, you may end up paying dearly.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The 4th Annual VIP Networking Event

It's Officially Networking Day in October!!! 

October 31st! 

A Halloween Mardi Gras Theme!

Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Duncanville
800 N Main St, Duncanville, Texas 75116

Being that October is closer to the end of the year NETWORKING DAY will be the best way to close it out with new connections, new opportunities, and new knowledge. The key to success is NETWORKING! When you continue to network and continue to brand yourself everything will increase! Come out on Networking Day and make a difference in your journey towards SUCCESS & WEALTH! 

Networking Admission VIP Pass: $5.00 (VIP Access to everything inside!)

Regular Vendor Fee: $100 (1 table, plus 2 chairs, items inside Networking Day Bag, and 2 free networking admission VIP Passes, VIP Business Card Slider on the BIG PROJECTOR SCREEN). You may sell merchandise.

VIP Spotlight Vendor Fee: $200 (1 table with table cover, plus 2 chairs, and prime corner spot, and 4 free networking admission VIP Passes, and logo added to backdrop for VIP Red Carpet Picture, and items inside Networking Day Bag, VIP Business Card Slider on the BIG PROJECTOR SCREEN) You may sell merchandise.

VIP Networking Day Sponsor: $350 (1 table with table cover, plus 2 chairs, prime center spot, 6 free networking admission VIP Passes, logo added to backdrop for VIP Red Carpet Picture, Count Down Social Media Blast (personal advertisement advantage):Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress Blogging, Instagram, and Email Blast, and 3 minutes of stage spotlight to discuss your business, product, or event and items inside Networking Day Bag, VIP Business Card Slider on the BIG PROJECTOR SCREEN.) You may sell merchandise.

Networking Day Bag: $25. Place your business cards, samples of products, flyers, coupons, etc. inside the networking day bag. This will be handed to each networker (filled with goodies)

VIP Business Card Slider on the BIG PROJECTOR SCREEN: $10 (add your business card to be seen at the networking event by many other business and entertainment professionals.)


Looking for speakers, photographers, a smooth jazz band.

For more information:

CELEBRATE NETWORKING DAY!!! A Halloween Mardi Gras Theme!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Virtual Book Tour - Pretty Boy by M. Kay Fox

Kip Klein has heard this for a very long time. Apparently that was all he was ever good at anyway. His own mother despised him for looking like his deceased father. It forced him from his small hometown to the big city of Chicago.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Welcomed with open arms into the career of modeling, Kip finds himself doing anything to keep his name and image out there including showing off his assets for the ladies. Losing his edge, Kip is sent home to Hawker Flats to rediscover just what made him rough. He discovers much more than past memories.

The latest Summer fling.

Could her life get any harder? Summer Sadler is orphaned, a guardian to her half-brother and working every waking hour she can. On the verge of bankruptcy, she is duped and used for the land that she owns. Was it too much to hope that the torture would end?

Just one more kiss.

Summer didn’t expect to collide with Kip Klein, but collide she did. The rigid muscles and tantalizing voice chase away all reason to keep her distance. Maybe one kiss will cure everything. Maybe one kiss will destroy them both.


Buy Links:

Author Bio:
M. Kay Fox is a recently published author with her debut erotic romance novella, Pretty Boy. She always wanted to write and it was a dream full-filled. She thinks that everyone should take a risk and do something unexpected.

A farmer’s daughter born in the Midwest, M. Kay grew up inspired by the written word. Loving academics, she received her bachelor’s degree in agri-business and went on to get her master’s degree in business administration. The sky is the limit!

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Monday, July 06, 2015

Hot Summer Reads

Whether you plan to take that long-awaited vacation or spend those days at home or at the beach, we have selected our favorite eclectic stories for those hot and humid days. These books will surely keep you cool while trying to decide how the narratives will end. So enjoy and stay cool.

Kiss My Lips by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku - Lorna Ibe and Logan Blake are planning to get married but interferences from a few family members and an unexpected incident may prevent the couple from tying the knot.

My Heart In Seoul by Sydney Arrison - Jasmine Sinclair is a strong-willed journalist who is engaged to a Hollywood actor, but his indiscretions create a scandal, leaving Jasmine washing her hands of all men until she travels to Korea and meets Wen Hon.

Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky by Sydney Arrison - The sequel to My Heart In Seoul, where the saga continues with Wen and Jasmine.

Walking Dead by Gregg Rucka - Atticus Kodiak is an ex-bodyguard with a past. When his next door neighbors are slaughtered, and the crime is classified as a murder/suicide, the plot evolves into a cat and mouse crime story.

Pathway into Deception by JB Stallworth - This novel is filled with suspense, crime, police scrapes, murder, treachery, greed, sex, lust, political corruption, secrets, and lies and scandal.

The Vulture by Gil Scott-Heron - During the ‘60s, a murder takes place on lower Manhattan, where the allure of making quick and easy money is notably visible.

Othello’s Brother by Jerry McGill - Vernon Landry, a janitor in a high school, decides to seek retribution by eradicating those who committed past injustices.

Shaman: The Awakening by VR McCoy - Christian Sands works as a consultant with the FBI and possesses a special gift. Agent Dianna Samboro also has a special talent, which makes for a sensual romance story, murder and suspense.

Doors Open by Ian Rankin - A crime story, with a touch of wit, deception, thievery, forgery, betrayal, greed, and manipulation.

Debbie Doesn’t Do It Anymore by Walter Mosley - Debbie Dare is a popular porn star but when tragedy hits home, she is confronted with unforeseen dilemmas, betrayal, hate, and intimidation.

Rose Gold by Walter Mosley - Set during the Patty Hearst era of the Black power movement, social unrests, and anti-war rallies, Easy Rawlins is asked by the police to find a missing college student, who may have been kidnapped by a revolutionary faction.

Burn by James Patterson - There may be a connection between the cop’s death and a gruesome murder committed in an abandoned building.

Cross My Heart by James Patterson - A psychological thriller with Alex Cross and his family, being targeted by a demented couple.

Deception in Plain Sight by Vivienne Diane Neal - A wealthy young woman falls for a charming man who is not what he appears to be.

The Good House by Tananarive Due - Angela Toussaint claims her grandmother’s house, which the residents believe has healing powers.

Madam President by Jerry Beller - A political thriller centering on the White House and the re-election of Kalinda Resbo, the first African American female President.

The Genesis Files by Gwen Richardson - Lloyd Palmer is a journalist who is not valued or respected at a major newspaper until a scandalous crime occurs.

Murder in Grub Street by Bruce Alexander - A fictional crime story that begins with the brutal murder of a book publisher and his entire family in London during the mid-18th century.

A Daughter’s Rage by Ronald Gordon - A paranormal thriller where a maintenance man is drawn into the supernatural world when he is approached by a dead teen to kill her parents.

The Man in 3B by Carl Weber - Detective Dan Thomas and his partner, Keisha Anderson are investigating the ghastly murder of an admired neighbor. The movie version will be released in 2016.

* * * *

If you enjoy reading fictional crime stories, where authors, publishers and readers come together and share news on writings and books with a touch of lust, betrayal, scandal, deception, sex, fraud, revenge, and all that good stuff, which make for a page turning, plot twisting, and surprise ending that will have people saying, “I didn’t see that coming,” then like and follow us on Facebook

Monday, June 29, 2015

An Upcoming Event: “Kickin’ It with Adrienne Kama and Bridget Midway”

Fans of Adrienne Kama and Bridget Midway: It’s time to plan and make your reservations NOW to attend this phenomenal affair!

Event: "Kickin' It with Adrienne Kama and Bridget Midway"

Date: Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Time: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Where: Holiday Inn Patriot hotel, 3032 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185

For more information, click here.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Release Celebration for Flirty & Feisty Romance upcoming steamy hot novella – Forbidden Dance

Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial

ISBN: 978- 1508955191 (Paperback)

Release Date: Wednesday 15th July 2015

Time: 11 am – 11 pm Eastern Coast Time

Cover Artist & Banner Designer: Obsessed by Books Designs

Teasers & Banner Designer: Jenn Cunningham



About the Author 

Stella loves writing romance novels that are as intriguing and flirty as they are entertaining. Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels are a wide range of toe-curling, skin-tingling romance books with compelling characters who have heart and soul.
The stories are dotted with unexpected twists and turns. The stories are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and enchanting America. The witty dialogue and conflicts between the characters keeps you thoroughly entertained.
If you want to cuddle up and relax, grab a copy, travel with the characters and sail away to Pleasure Island. The stories cure boredom and relieve stress.

In 2010, Stella created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. Her first contemporary romance novel; Loitering Shadows was published in May 2010. Other Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels are, Stormy Defense, Beyond the Lady, the National Novel Writing Month 2010 winning novel, The Gardener’s Ice Maiden, Sparkling Dawn, Husband to Rent, Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1) & Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2). Royal Cowries (Cowries Series #1) is her first historical romance. On Stella’s writing desk at the moment, are three exciting romance stories.

In her leisure time, Stella goes swimming, reads romance novels, goes to the Cinema with her family, and watches TV.

* * * *

Flirty & Feisty Romance

Our to deliver an intensely emotional 
experience you'll never forget.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Best Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon

Recently, we asked some of our friends on social media to provide us with the best destinations for a honeymoon. We were flooded with so many places and decided to list them all. So if you are planning a wedding, which includes a dreamy honeymoon, considers these locations:

Myrtle Beach - Hawaii - Florida - Bali. Visit for discounted destinations.

Little Inn By The Bay at Newport Beach, CA, USA. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon on the beach...Check out the link for further details -

Charleston SC, especially Kiawah Island and this magical place called Sanctuary Hotel  - It is really expensive and worth it.

Now if you want a European destination, check out Ciragan Palace

St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) with very nice and beautiful beaches.

Venice, Italy! Even George Clooney has chosen it! (Get the best of your Venice trip by clicking here.

Puerto Rico or anywhere in the Caribbean, especially if you stay at Sandals Resort, and Florida Keys is another amazing location.

The Hawaiian Islands – a favorite place for love travelers. Islands are washed by waters of the Pacific Ocean. The rich exotic nature charms, picturesque landscapes, and a variety of flora and fauna. At your service, comfortable hotels on an ocean coast, entertainment complexes, dishes of ethnic cuisine and fascinating excursions on the savanna. Hawaii is famous for the best beaches for windsurfing. Fans of extreme sports can plunge on an ocean floor and take pleasure in beauty of the underwater world. The Hawaiian Islands breathe romanticism. The honeymoon which is carried out in an environment of the American comfort and national Hawaiian culture will become the brightest travel in your life.

1000 Islands, a group of more than 1,000 small islands in east central North America in the St. Lawrence River just east of Lake Ontario. Most are part of southeastern Ontario, and the rest are part of northern New York; many are privately owned. Ontario, Canada offers a unique vacation with a spectacular view and very friendly down home hospitality. For more information, go to

Hyatt Hotel in Aruba is really breathtaking. You are right on the Ocean, which is crystal blue. You got all sorts of water sports, a great casino, and more.

Consider Tenerife or Teneriffe, located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the northwestern coast of Africa and largest of the Canary Islands. If you wish to rent an apartment, click here.

Ocean Varadero El Patriarca is a five-star all-inclusive beachfront resort located on Cuba's gorgeous Varadero beach and has 2 meeting rooms. It also has a wedding gazebo with impressive ocean views for holding weddings in a unique and exclusive setting.

Maldives wins hands down - pure romantic paradise.

So, there you have it. If you know of a great honeymoon destination, post it in the comment section.
* * * * *

Monday, June 08, 2015

Tips for Planning a Frugal Wedding - An Encore by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
Yes, that’s right. I said a frugal wedding.  Don’t stand on ceremonies when it comes to saving money. Why spend humongous amounts of cash, refinance a home or use credit cards on a wedding that might not last for more than a second.  

Today, the average American wedding can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000, and that’s just in New York City. If you have disposable income, then go ahead and plan that extravagant event. But if you are in a financial hole, and who isn’t in this economy, you can still have a fabulous wedding without going into debt. Following are some ideas to help you plan that extraordinary, penny-pinching wedding. The extra cash you’ll save can go towards putting a down-payment on a house, investing in stock market or buying a certificate of deposit, even if it only provides .01% interest. At least you’ll have some money for that rainy day.

Rather than have fancy and expensive invitations printed by a vendor, print the invitations yourself on plain 20 lb. paper, and don’t include a self-addressed stamped envelope for your guests to RSVP. Chances are they will remove the postage stamp, never reply and still show up at your wedding.

You can save bundles of money, avoid drama brought on by family, friends and future in-laws by going to City Hall.

If you must have that designer wedding dress, go to a thrift shop, rent or ask to borrow a friend’s or relative’s dress.

Instead of having an elaborate reception at some exclusive catering hall, celebrate your union at McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeyes or Kentucky Fried Chicken, and let your guests pay at cost.

Use fake foliage instead of fresh flowers.

Forget the eight tiered wedding cake. Serve cupcakes, brownies or cookies.

If you want to save money on food and drinks, have guests bring their own dish and/or liquor.

Instead of hiring a stretch limousine, use public transportation, roller skate, bike, walk or jog to your destinations.

For music, bring a radio and tune into a station that plays non-stop melodies.

Ask your guests to take photos and videos of your wedding ceremony. You will save a fortune. And chances are the photographer and/or videographer will end up taking lousy images, go out of business or disappear with all of your money.

For your honeymoon, rent a travel video of the place you would like to visit, and pretend you and your mate are there.

In lieu of gifts, ask for cash.

Well, that’s it. These tips may sound tacky, but think about it; your unforgettable wedding will be the chatter of your guests for years to come.

Monday, June 01, 2015

So You’re Thinking About Tying the Knot: An Encore by Vivienne Diane Neal

Most people dream of getting married one day. Having a magnificent wedding is usually the bride and groom’s vision. When scheduling a wedding, so much preparation, time and effort are placed into having the ideal wedding ceremony and a memorable reception. But sometimes less thought goes into the kind of marriage one is seeking. Unfortunately, the affirmations made during the wedding ceremony, namely for the rest of our lives, in sickness and in health, until death do us part are sometimes brief. With over half of all marriages ending in divorce, a person should pose the following questions: What makes a marriage work, and how can one strive to achieve a good lasting relationship with his or her mate?

Marriage is not for everyone. Regrettably, many couples don’t realize this until it’s too late. It’s a good idea to search into your heart and soul and really think about how you see yourself as an individual, and whether you’re ready to share and commit yourself to another human being.

Before going into any type of relationship, it is vital to know who you are first, because you usually attract what you are. If you have a low self-esteem, then you will attract someone who has a low-opinion of him or herself and will never value you as a person. Denigrating or ridiculing you will always be their main objective, before and after the marriage.

Love at first sight and thinking it’s the right reason to get married so quickly may be a short-term sensation. Getting to know someone is imperative and should be a long-term endeavor. Be observant. How does the person treat his or her parents, other family members, friends and strangers?  Does the individual you’re attracted to treat others fairly and with respect; is he or she courteous, caring and compassionate? How does the person behave in private and in public? Is the person appalling behind locked doors and a sweet thing in public? The way a person behaves toward others is the same way he or she will deal with you.

The kinds of people an individual connects with will tell you plenty about that person. As the saying goes, show me your friends, and I’ll tell you what type of person you are. If your future spouse loves to party all night and stay up all day with his or her friends, then this may be a sign that you will be spending lots of nights alone.

Never make the assumption that a person will change for the better, or that you have the power to transform someone’s negative ways. If a person is an obnoxious jerk when you meet him or her, then he or she will continue to be an unbearable jerk during the marriage, unless there is some divine intervention.

Looks, money and status alone will not tell you who a person really is, but how one handles unforeseen challenges in his or her life will. Beauty wilts, money can disappear and a person’s position can change, for better or for worse, during the marriage.

The questions you should ask yourself are what is important to me, and what do I expect to get out of a marriage. Are you looking for love, money or security? If these are the only components that you are seeking in a marriage, then you should already possess these elements before committing yourself into a marriage. If having children is important to you, it should also be important to your future spouse. If you are knee high in debt and you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, then perhaps you need to evaluate your financial situation before taking that big step.

Before taking that big step, take a long look at yourself and your future spouse. Examine the qualities you both take pleasure in, and see if those characteristics make for a good sense of balance in both of your lives. Discuss your likes and dislikes. Marriage is not an institution to be taken frivolously. If there are existing problems, unnecessary drama or turmoil during the courtship and engagement phase, then the both of you should take time out, evaluate your state of affairs or go your separate ways.

Monday, May 25, 2015

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