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With Caution It Is Possible To Meet The Right Person Through Online Dating App by Anand Rajendran

In the midst of the busy mechanical life, it is hard to find the destined partner. To connect people and make them fall in love a new app was developed called the dating app. With the help of the dating app, both men and women can find their partner who matches with their interest and likes. There is a wide range of variety in the dating app, were some dating app is for those who are looking for a serious relationship while there are apps for people with common interests like music, photography, etc. And there are exclusive dating apps available for the handicapped, transgender, lesbians and gays.
There are some people who find it difficult to socialize with others while some people have no time for party or nightclubs because of hectic job pressure, even those people were able to meet their partners through the dating app and are happily married.
While the online dating platform provides an opportunity for the people to find a perfect match, there are some people who access the app simply to have fun and assault the women they met online. A thirty five year old Jeffrey Hogg sexually assaulted two women he met from the online dating site and was sentenced to forty months imprisonment. This an example of the consequence that happens to the person if they are not caution while accessing the dating app and sharing personal information.
If the person follows these basic tips while dating in the online app, they can stay safe and secure while meeting a person.

Selecting the proper service

The online dating app that a person selects must be a reliable service provider who maintains a proper database and keeps the personal information of the members confidential. To check if the dating app is a secured site, the members can read the privacy statement of the site where they do not sell the personal details of the members to the any other companies or advertising agencies. The privacy statement must also state that it does not share the details with other members of the site.
The reputation of the site and its popularity among the public has also been an important aspect in checking the app. The happy reviews from the existing users can prove that the site is safe to use. Now the dating apps provide free subscription for one month, which will help in analyzing whether the member can continue the app or jump to another dating app.

Know the other person

Even though the dating app is safe, the amount of fraudulent activities that happen in the app is also more. One of the main reasons is the use of fake profile identity like the name of the person or the profile photo or the designation of the person. In some cases, people use fake profile IDs to get partners and some even have multiple profiles in a single dating app.
And the user who is using the app to find a partner to start a meaningful relation must have a proper name and photo for the profile because if the person happens to use proactive names or photos, the messages they receive in their inbox might be different.

Disclosing personal information

When dating online, many people share their personal details like contact number, office and residence address within a few texts and start chatting in a personal platform. But it is not safe to share the information with others unless the member gains trust with the other member.

Believe in your instincts

While proceeding with the text or while talking over the phone, the user must ask questions to the other member to know about them by asking direct questions and check if there are any inconsistencies. There are some people who are over dominating and pressurize the other person to move to the next level in their relation, if somebody encounters such personalities they should not hesitate and block the contacts. Any kind of threatening or sign of anger or acting disrespectful is to be reported to the service provider so that they can the respective steps in blocking that person from the dating app completely.

The meeting place

When a person plans to meet their date for the first time it is better to select a common place for meeting because the other person need not know the other user’s address. Similarly, it is not advisable to accept an invitation for a dinner in a person’s home or a ride to either pick them or drop them home. The other person should not take over the control of the user’s destination.

Inform your kith and kin

Whenever a person goes on their first date with the person whom they met on the online dating app they have to inform their family and friends about the place where they are planning to meet and the time when they have to be checked and also the information about the person they are meeting. The main reason to inform is for the safety of the person, because you might not what happens the next moment when especially when you meet a complete stranger.

Do not involve kids

When a single parent is meeting the person they met online they have to inform the other person about their child or children, but introducing them within few meetings is not advisable. Unless and until the person is comfortable with the other person and think that they are their destined partner, involving the kids in the picture must be restricted.

Financial matters

If the online daters ask for any financial information or ask for a loan, it is a red flag to exit the relationship. When a person talks about money it definitely shows that the main motive of the person to date is to seek the money from the other person, and to get money they will cook up some stories which seems to be true, but being attentive and walking out carefully is the best way.

1.    Meeting a stranger is always dangerous and the online daters are also strangers, so before meeting going on a first date it is necessary to check and collect more information about the person.

2.    We will not invite or go to a stranger’s home, so inviting them for a dinner or informing them that no one is home or even going to their place is not a good idea.

3.    The major aspect in a relationship is the time and space given to a person, therefore staying calm and taking careful steps at each point leads to good results. If any person tries to rush the relationship, it means that the intention of the person is not right.

4.    Informing the family and friends about the online date is a must while informing the date about the family or friends is not a good idea because it can cause them trouble.


Online dating platform is a platform for people to fall in love and there are few who have met some great matches through this platform and are happily married. But it is not always possible to say that we might meet good people online because it is a place where we can also find the worst of mankind. We might have heard of the famous proverb: Every rose has its thorn, so before starting a relationship from the online dating app it is necessary to go through some background checkup.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which developed a Dating Script called Zodate. I am a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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Virtual Book Tour - Meet William R. Leibowitz, Author of Miracle Man

“Miracle Man” was named by Amazon as one of the Top 100 Novels of 2015 and one of Amazon’s Top 10 Thrillers for 2015.  It’s been an Amazon Best Seller, and a winner of a national Best Thriller award, with almost 650 Amazon reviews with a 4.3 overall rating.

                                                                                           REVERED   REVILED   REMARKABLE

The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero.  Unlike any that have come before him, he is not a fanciful creation of animators, he is real. 
So begins the saga of Robert James Austin, the greatest genius in human history.  But where did his extraordinary intelligence come from?
As agents of corporate greed vie with rabid anti-Western radicals to destroy him, an obsessive government leader launches a bizarre covert mission to exploit his intellect.  Yet Austin’s greatest fear is not of this world.
Aided by two exceptional women, one of whom will become his unlikely lover, Austin struggles against abandonment and betrayal.  But the forces that oppose him are more powerful than even he can understand.  


A tall figure wearing a black-hooded slicker walked quickly through the night carrying a large garbage bag. His pale face was wet with rain. He had picked a deserted part of town. Old warehouse buildings were being gutted so they could be converted into apartments for non-existent buyers. There were no stores, no restaurants and no people.
“Who’d wanna live in this shit place?” he muttered to himself. Even the nice neighborhoods of this dismal city had more “For Sale” signs than you could count.
He was disgusted with himself and disgusted with her, but they were too young to be burdened. Life was already hard enough. He shook his head incredulously. She had been so damn sexy, funny, full of life. Why the hell couldn’t she leave well enough alone? She should have had some control.
He wanted to scream-out down the ugly street, “It’s her fucking fault that I’m in the rain in this crap neighborhood trying to evade the police.”
But he knew he hadn’t tried to slow her down either. He kept giving her the drugs and she kept getting kinkier and kinkier and more dependent on him and that’s how he liked it. She was adventurous and creative beyond her years. Freaky and bizarre. He had been enthralled, amazed. The higher she got, the wilder she was. Nothing was out of bounds. Everything was in the game.
And so, they went farther and farther out there. Together. With the help of the chemicals. They were co-conspirators, co-sponsors of their mutual dissipation. How far they had traveled without ever leaving their cruddy little city. They were so far ahead of all the other kids.
He squinted, and his mind reeled. He tried to remember in what month of their senior year in high school the drugs became more important to her than he was. And in what month did her face start looking so tired, her complexion prefacing the ravages to follow, her breath becoming foul as her teeth and gums deteriorated. And in what month did her need for the drugs outstrip his and her cash resources.
He stopped walking and raised his hooded head to the sky so that the rain would pelt him full-on in the face. He was hoping that somehow this would make him feel absolved. It didn’t. He shuddered as he clutched the shiny black bag, the increasingly cold wet wind blowing hard against him. He didn’t even want to try to figure out how many guys she had sex with for the drugs.
The puddle-ridden deserted street had three large dumpsters on it. One was almost empty. It seemed huge and metallic and didn’t appeal to him. The second was two-thirds full. He peered into it, but was repulsed by the odor, and he was pretty sure he saw the quick moving figures of rodents foraging in the mess. The third was piled above the brim with construction debris.
Holding the plastic bag, he climbed up on the rusty lip of the third dumpster. Stretching forward, he placed the bag on top of some large garbage bags which were just a few feet inside of the dumpster’s rim. As he climbed down, his body looked bent and crooked and his face was ashen. Tears streamed down his cheeks and bounced off his hands. He barely could annunciate, “Please forgive me,” as he shuffled away, head bowed and snot dripping from his nose.


About The Author

William R. Leibowitz, Author 

William R. Leibowitz has been practicing entertainment/media law in New York City for a number of years.  He has represented numerous renowned entertainers and many entertainment and media notable companies.  William has a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and a law degree from Columbia University.

William wrote Miracle Man because of its humanistic and spiritual messages and because he feels that in our current times--when meritless celebrity has eclipsed accomplishment and the only heroes are those based on comic books, the world needs a real hero--and that, of course, is Robert James Austin, the protagonist in Miracle Man.

Author’s Web Sites

Purchase Links

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Michael Franti & Spearhead - Good to Be Alive Today (Acoustic Remix)

With all of the turmoil that we as human beings see and face every day, One World Singles Blog would like to take this time out and spread Michael Franti’ s song, Good to Be Alive Today, with its thought-provoking words.


“Good to be Alive" is a song about gratitude. A song to remind us of the good in the world, on the days when our souls are rocked by all of the bad news that surrounds us. A reminder to be grateful for all we have, at the same time, to tenaciously stand behind things in life that serve the greater good --- getting one step closer to a world where EVERYONE can all say “it’s good to be alive today.”


Michael Franti

Published on May 29, 2016
"Good To Be Alive Today (Acoustic Remix)" 
Now Available on iTunes

Leave your comments, telling us why it’s good to be alive and join the movement at

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The Ghost and The Negro Trailer, Episodes 1-3

Sidney goes through his regular routine of working his night shift and waiting on customers. He soon gets one that he won't forget. It's the official selection of the 2016 LA Film Festival. 

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Announcing The New Release of Destiny’s Favor: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 2 by Dariel Raye

Destiny’s Favor
(Orlosian Warriors Bk. 2)

Destiny’s Favor Synopsis

His world shifted the moment she was born. Now, nothing can stop him from making her his.

Imagine meeting a man who looks like an angel, wings and all? What would you do if this man told you he existed with only one purpose – to claim you and only you?

Destiny Carter is a feisty, take charge, Rubinesque beauty with a tough façade, who finds herself in that age-old quandary, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” A string of lackluster relationships leave her hopeless and ready to settle…Until she meets Japheth, the man her fiancé claims is his best friend! Japheth’s arrival is heralded by an attack on Destiny’s life, and instinctively, she knows this is just the beginning.

Born more than 200 years ago, Japheth looks like an angel but he’s far from it. In his world, the ratio of men to women is 500 to 1, and although he’s a superior being, he’s willing to break the most sacred law of his brothers, even drink human blood, to have one meant for him alone.

When he meets Destiny, he knows she’s the one he’s been searching for. To claim her, he will have to betray a friend, risk his life, and hardest of all, humble himself enough to win her love.

**Only $0.99 for a limited time**

Dariel Raye, Author

About Dariel Raye

Dariel is an animal lover who writes IR/MC (interracial/multi-cultural) paranormal and dark urban fantasy romance. She is presently writing a shifter series, “Dark Sentinels,” a reluctant hell-dweller series, “Kushiel’s Keep,” two Nephilim series with vampire-like heroes, “Orlosian Warriors” and “Cain’s Progeny,” “Lifegivers,” a paranormal romance series with a variety of beings, a crossover paranormal thriller shifter trilogy with romantic elements, “Gateway,” and an erotic fantasy newsletter serial. To learn more about Dariel and her books, visit her blog join her newsletter, and follow her on Amazon.

Dariel On The Web

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Tyler Perry’s “Too Close To Home” Series Coming To TLC

The story follows Anna, a young woman who escaped her working class upbringing in Alabama to start fresh in Washington, D.C. After making national headlines in a major political scandal involving one of the nation’s most powerful players, she is forced to return to her roots and face a past she thought she left behind.
Seeking help and forgiveness from the same people she abandoned for a “better” life, Anna finds herself right back where she worked so hard to escape…TOO CLOSE TO HOME.

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When Karma Calls HD Trailer

Following the mysterious outbreak of parallel punishments, a blogger searches for answers to a supernatural force driven by karma.

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Writing With Purpose Virtual Book Tour - Featuring Pamela Samuels Young, Author of The New Crime Thriller: Lawful Deception

The beautiful Bliss Fenton won't be winning any awards for Mother of the Year. Truth is, motherhood isn't nearly as important to Bliss as the cottage industry she's created: extorting wealthy men solely for the hefty child support she can collect. But Bliss' greed ultimately goes too far when she takes on Fletcher McClain. The handsome record industry mogul insists there's no way he's the father of Bliss' third child. But when the results of the paternity test are finally revealed, a stunned McClain refuses to take them lying down. He hires accomplished L.A. attorney Vernetta Henderson to sue Bliss for fraud. 

When an unscrupulous attorney from Vernetta’s past reappears to represent Bliss, Vernetta's faithful sidekick Special steps in to join the fight. While Special is hard at work digging up dirt on Bliss, she’s distracted by an investigation of a more personal nature, one that ends up challenging her prejudices as well as her heart.

As Vernetta goes head to head against her corrupt opponent, the stakes get higher and higher and in a flash, the lawsuit goes from contentious to outright deadly. 


"Pamela Samuels Young has crafted a page-turner that will keep you engrossed until the very last page. If you're a fan of smart legal thrillers with brisk pacing, crackling dialogue and edgy, intriguing characters, Lawful Deception is for you." 

--Dwayne Alexander Smith, Award-winning Author of Forty Acres

Bliss Fenton took a sip of champagne as she glared across the room at the obnoxiously happy couple. They indeed made a striking pair. Their slim, toned bodies draped in designer wear and expensive jewelry. So trendy. SoCalifornia chic. Setting her champagne glass on the tray of a passing waiter, Bliss snaked her way through the crowd, hoping to get a better view. As she moved, her blonde curls bounced as if lifted by a cool breeze. At 5'8" and 120 pounds, her delicate frame was all slopes and curves. A body specifically designed for exhibition.

The partygoers were packed like human matchsticks inside the gaudy Hollywood Hills mansion. The home, if you could call it that, was a testament to excess. Just like the couple. Too much of everything. Too many art deco chairs, too much bronze and glass, and so much artwork the walls could barely breathe.

Only a few feet away from the couple now, Bliss found herself shoulder-to-shoulder with a too-tanned man with greasy hair. He winked at her. She sneered back at him and moved on. A devious smile fractured Bliss' face as she returned her attention to the couple. She imagined the angst they would experience the minute they spotted her among the partygoers. Fletcher's lips would contort into an ugly grimace, but then coolly transition to a barely perceptible smirk. He was not the kind of man who was easily rankled. That was the reason he was a millionaire several times over. 

Mia, however, would not be able to hide her emotions. Fletcher's prissy little black princess would toss Bliss a snarl that bellowed, What the hell are you doing here? It was Mia she wanted to punish most. Bliss had pleaded with God to curse her former friend with a pain ten times more intense than her own. She wanted Mia to live it. Breathe it. Curl up in bed with it. Just as she had. Bliss refused to blame Fletcher for the poor choices he'd made. He was a man. And men, by nature, were weak. Still, he too would pay just the same. The call of vengeance tugged hard at Bliss' soul, urging her, daring her, to march right up to the couple and confront them. But she held back. For the moment. Patience had always been her most virtuous trait. 

Fletcher hustled to the front of the room and began singing the praises of the newest songstress to be added to his stable of artists, LaReena Jarreau. Bliss remembered cuddling in bed with Fletcher and listening to him brag about creating her stage name, since Janice Harris had no pizzazz.

"The first time I heard her voice," Fletcher said, throwing his arm around the bony twenty-something dressed in hooker gear, "I knew she was going to hit the music world by storm. You have to agree that what we heard tonight was-as the youngsters say-off the chain."

Everyone applauded as the hip, dark-haired CEO of Karma Entertainment grinned, happy to be on show. The only thing Fletcher enjoyed more than being rich was having everyone know it.

Mia remained off to the side, perfecting the look of the coy, supportive fiancée. That had been Bliss' mistake. Accepting her at face value. While Mia's visual package was quite alluring-all charm and beauty-on the inside, she was pure evil. Truth be told, Mia wasn't all that different from her. Bliss Fenton, not Mia Richardson, should have been on the arm of the music industry mogul tonight. It had never occurred to Bliss that her long-time yoga buddy could walk into a party and take her new guy's breath away. Literally. 

At the time, Bliss had been dating Fletcher for a short six months. She'd invited Mia to the party at Fletcher'sBeverly Hills home for the sole purpose of showing off her new man to her smart, uppity faux-friend. Bliss could still remember Mia waving as she glided into the party, the crowd parting so effortlessly it almost seemed choreographed.

Seconds before, Fletcher had been talking nonstop about his label's next release, but the sight of Mia had caused him to lose his train of thought. When Bliss had formally introduced them, the lust in Fletcher's eyes further telegraphed the gravity of her mistake.

Only days after the party, Bliss' time with Fletcher began to dwindle, explained away by late night meetings that couldn't be avoided or last-minute business trips toNew York. Mia, too, had started cancelling their after-yoga coffee chats and finally stopped coming to yoga class altogether. 

It was a month later, when Bliss saw Fletcher and Mia pictured together in Billboard, that she first learned of their betrayal. Her subsequent rage-filled calls to both of them had been ignored. And now, Mia was at Fletcher's side, while Bliss had been pushed right out of his life.

A burst of applause snapped Bliss back to the present. As Fletcher seemed to be wrapping up his speech, Bliss moved closer, stopping inches behind Mia. She leaned in, her lips almost grazing Mia's right ear. 

"Congratulations on your engagement."

Mia's head whipped around, her dark brown skin now ashen gray. "You ... you shouldn't be here." 

Bliss spoke in a firm whisper. "Neither should you. You backstabbing b^itch." 

Mia took a step back. "This is not the place to make a scene."

"Okay, then," Bliss said, moving into the space Mia had abandoned. "Shall we step outside?"

A second later, Fletcher wedged himself between them. "You walk yourself out of here right now," he said through clenched teeth, "or I'll have security carry you out."

Although no voices had been raised, all heads turned in their direction. Mia didn't move.

Fletcher, always cognizant of appearances, wore a stiff smile as he spat into Bliss' face. "If you don't leave, I swear I'll have you arrested."

After three long beats, Bliss winked. "You'll both be hearing from me."

Bliss couldn't help smiling as she sashayed through the buzzing crowd. 

Fletcher and Mia would suffer for their disloyalty. Bliss only wished she could be there to see their stunned faces when they learned what she had done and realized there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.


© 2015 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Pamela Samuels Young. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author's written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. 

Pamela Samuels Young, Author
When attorney Pamela Samuels Young, a NAACP Image Award winner, isn't fulfilling her duties as legal counsel for a major corporation in Southern California, you can usually find her penning her next legal thriller.

Her acclaimed novel, Anybody's Daughter, is what garnered Pamela her first NAACP Image Award win in the category of Outstanding Literary Work (Fiction).

Fed up with never seeing people of color, especially women, depicted as savvy, hot-shot attorneys in the legal thrillers she read, the Compton, CA, native decided to create her own. Despite the demands of a busy legal career, Pamela accomplished her ambitious goal by getting up at 4 am to write before work, dedicated her weekends to writing and even spent a large portion of her vacations glued to her laptop. In doing so, she discovered her passion for writing.

A graduate of UC Berkeley's School of Law, Pamela has a bachelor's degree in journalism from USC and a Master's Degree in broadcasting from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She formerly served on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles chapter of Mystery Writers of America and is a diehard member of Sisters in Crime-L.A., an organization dedicated to the advancement of women mystery writers.

She lives in Southern California and attends Hope in Christ Community Church. Visit her Website to see the more than 380 book clubs she has visited and to follow her online: 

Pamela is also a frequent speaker on the topics of writing fiction, discrimination law and pursuing your passion. Pamela loves to hear from readers, so use one of the avenues listed below to reach out to her.


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Descendants of The Sun | 태양의 후예 [Preview - ver.1]

A love story begins to form between Captain Yoo Shi Jin, from South Korean Special Forces and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, who works as a Surgeon at Haesung Hospital in Seoul. They will find themselves in the middle of great events and deadly dangers, both in their Motherland and in the fictitious, war-torn country of Urk.