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How to Prepare Your Guest Room for the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner, and it is not too early to plan, especially if you are hosting friends and loved ones this holiday season. While there is plenty of time for fun, delicious foods, and cozy nights on the couch watching movies to look forward to, it also makes sense if you are feeling some anxiety. In a survey conducted by Healthline, they found that around 60% of adults feel heightened stress around the holidays because of various factors, including hosting loved ones.

If one thing that is giving you some stress is the panic over having people in your home overnight, you are not alone! There are a few easy tips to help you get your guest bedroom in first-class shape, and with a few extra touches that will make the stay feel special. 

Check out the following guide on preparing your spare room for the ultimate holiday houseguest experience, which will mean less stress for you and your guests!


Clear the Mess - Is your spare room an extension of your junk drawer? You are not alone. Guest rooms can become a net for all the clutter, extra furniture, and everything else that does not have an obvious home in the house. It is vital that you get your guest room cleared of clutter before your house guests arrive because nobody wants to hang out with your junk. Try doing it at least a week before your guests arrive. Do not leave it to the last minute or you cannot add the special touches that will blow your guests away. Lisa Sharp Coaching recommends setting a kitchen timer for 15-minute increments, as this can prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed. Put a podcast or some music on, get into the zone, and ruthlessly start your piles -- keep, trash, and donate. Be sure to have a garbage bag and some boxes nearby so you can organize them as you sort as well.

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Provide Clean Linens - This may seem obvious, but be sure to have extra linens available in your guest room. This should include one extra towel and washcloth per person and one full sheet change. This may seem excessive, but different people have different shower and sleeping habits, so you want to be as accommodating as possible. In addition, spills can happen, and providing an extra towel and sheet set can prevent a mortified guest from having to tell you, they spilled red wine on their pillow cover. 

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You do not need to buy new towels and sheets for guests, but matching sets look cleaner and neater. Did you know towels and sheets could hold on to body oils, soap, and other residues even after a good wash? To give your linens a refresh before houseguests arrive, try laundry stripping. A favorite recipe for laundry stripping comes from cleaning influencer GoCleanCo (via Instagram): 2 cups of powdered Tide detergent (must be Tide and powdered), 1/4 cup of borax, and another 1/4 cup of laundry soda. If your water is especially hard or you do not have access to Tide, you will want to use a 1/4 cup water softener as well. This will leave linens feeling unbelievably clean, soft, fresh, and smelling great. 

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Save yourself and your guests the irritating business of sharing your Wi-Fi code verbally, especially if your password is a complicated mix of letters and numbers. Good Housekeeping says that a welcome card can make the stay feel more luxurious, taking a note from high-end hotels.

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Make a quick print of essential information for your guest, like the Wi-Fi information, garage, door, gate codes, and other basic information. Door codes are helpful and prevent any accidental lockouts in case of a lost or forgotten key. During the holidays, your schedule might be quite full, so you can also include extra details, like important meals or parties, or nearby hot spots your houseguest might want to try out. Experiment with creating your own on a free design program. It can be as elaborate or simple as you like but can be the perfect touch for your guest room during the holidays.

Have An Extra Seating Option - Your friend or family member obviously adores you, or else they would not be staying at your place for the holidays. However, that does not mean they will want to be around you 24/7. Houseguests often need a little time for themselves to take a call, do a little work, read, or just scroll mindlessly through Instagram. Do you prefer to do all of that in a horizontal position in bed? Maybe not. So snag a chair from the living room, or even an extra dining chair, and pull it into the guest room. This is also a kind way to let houseguests know their presence is not mandatory around the clock, and that alone time is perfectly acceptable. 

To go the extra mile, find a small end table or nightstand to put next to the chair, and add a selection of magazines in case they forgot a book, says Universal Class. This way, guests can enjoy a cup of coffee while they relax in your wonderful guest bedroom. 

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Provide A Small Welcome Basket - Provide your guests with a small snack basket when they arrive. This does not have to be fancy at all and is just a way to let your guest know you put special thought into their visit. In addition, many folks have a hard time asking for what they need when staying at someone's house; creating a personalized snack basket can take some of the awkwardness away. 

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Having food and drinks that your houseguests like can go a long way in showing off your hosting powers, says Harper's Bazaar. Try to have a few salty and sweet options: chips, chocolate bars, and other such options are perfect additions. 

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