Monday, November 29, 2021

Books That Make Great Holiday Gifts

If you are trying to decide what type of gift to give for the holidays, we got you covered and have put together some thrillers, mysteries, suspense, and romance narratives that will make great gifts for the upcoming holidays. Just click on the title and shop until you drop.


Frenzied by Brandon Massey - A couple, arriving home from vacation, discovers their son is behaving like a demented killer.


Man on the Run by Carl Weber - An inmate, who swears he is innocent, escapes from a federal prison, which may cost his best friends their freedom.


Nickel City Blues by Gary Earl Ross - A PI is hired to protect a singer who is being stalked by a cop.


Little Blue Eyes by Rob Santana - A woman finds an abandoned infant in an alleyway and calls a drug-addicted baby broker for assistance.


Miller Avenue Murder by Nenny May - An elderly woman is found murdered in her wedding dress.


Summer & Joon by Sydney Arrison - From two different worlds, a single waitress meets a successful entrepreneur.


Vanished (A prequel to a series of six short stories) by Clara Lewis - A detective comes across a murder file that is similar to an earlier case.


Agent Red - Fatal Enemy (Book 5) by Ava S. King - An undercover agent receives a tip about dead bodies showing up in a small town.


The Man in My Basement by Walter Mosley - A down on his luck homeowner rents his basement to a peculiar man.


The Badge (Tessa White Series Book 1) by Nadia Siddiqui - A chemistry teacher leaves her job to find the real person who murdered her sister.

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