Monday, May 15, 2017

Must Read Books by Vivienne Diane Neal

What better way to spend your leisure time reading some of the most mind-blowing stories written by extraordinary authors. Many are Indie authors while others are presented by traditional publishers. You will be exposed to writers from around the world and to various genres such as interracial, paranormal, and multicultural romance stories, thrillers, mysteries, detectives and crime stories, and horrors, and to narratives exploring race and color. 

Check out these books by clicking on the title and enjoy being taken on a distinctive and memorable journey.


Maximus: (A Harvey Nolan Thriller, Book 1,) by S. C. Abbey - The unassuming Professor Harvey Nolan teaches criminology at a prominent university, but quickly becomes a person of interest when his friend/colleague disappears.

Resurrection: (A Harvey Nolan Thriller) by S. C. Abbey - Going back to the beginning, Harvey Nolan, a doctoral candidate, witnesses the shooting of a benevolent professor at a prestigious college in Boston.

Pandora (A Harvey Nolan Thriller) by S. C. Abbey - Harvey Nolan is at a loss as to why he is summons to claim the body of a childhood friend who apparently committed suicide.

Serenity (A Shelby Alexander Thriller) by Craig A. Hart - Shelby Alexander is an aging ex-boxer who is asked by a meth dealer to check into the accidental death of his mentally challenged sister, who was used to deliver the drugs.

Serenity Stalked (A Shelby Alexander Thriller) by Craig A. Hart - Shelby Alexander, the fixer, is back and is asked by his feisty girlfriend, Carly, to talk to an ex-boyfriend, who happens to be married but keeps annoying her with text messages and sexting. What seems like a simple assignment will slowly turn into a cat and mouse game when Shelby becomes the prime suspect in a triple homicide, led by his archenemy, Sheriff Wilkes.

Boss (A Romantic Thriller) by Sienna Mynx - Kassandra Turner is determined to bring down Tarek Marshall, head of Marshall Global Solutions, responsible for polluting the environment with their off-shore drilling. But, past events will provide more shocking revelations as to why Kassandra really wants to destroy Tarek and his family.

Twisted Murder (A Murder Mystery Novelette) by April Robinson - A husband finds his wife viciously murdered on the day of their wedding anniversary. Investigator Mitchell inherits the case, which is his first.

Other People’s Skin by Tracy Price-Thompson and TaRessa Stovall, with Elizabeth Atkins and Desiree Cooper - Tackles and explores internal/external dislikes within the African American community and the negative impact these elements have on society at large.

Copycat by Kimberla Lawson Roby - Simone Phillips is an aspiring author who wants to be just like Traci Calloway, a nationally known novelist, but the awe she has for Traci is slowly becoming more unsettling.

Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret by Sherry Robinson - Tommy thinks his mother is acting weird after the death of his father but will soon discover some sinister secrets his mother has been hiding.

Bloodline by Ernest J. Gaines - Vivid stories told through the voices and eyes of children and adults living in a small rural town in Louisiana.

The Thing Speaks For Itself by A.S.A. Durphy - Special Agent Grace Stratis, a sharp-shooter with a mind of her own, and her partner Agent Charles Davis go after a criminal who sells stolen passports abroad.

The Doublemint Twins (A Twisted Tale of Horror) by Sherry Robinson - Carla and Carmen Shuster, identical twins, are newcomers at Rocky Mountain High School in Colorado and decide to create devastation at the school.

His Choice by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku - A love story with a paranormal twist, filled with secrets, deception, betrayal, mistrust and reprisal.

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