Monday, February 13, 2017

Putting Safety First When Joining an Online Dating Site by Vivienne Diane Neal

On-line dating is one of the most popular ways to meet someone for dating, love, romance or marriage. But sometimes using one's common sense is not that common when it comes to putting safety first.

Most dating sites post rules to protect its members; unfortunately, many people fail to read those terms before signing on as a member. If you join an online dating service, always exercise common sense. The rules for dating and meeting someone are there for a reason: to protect members from taking unnecessary risks, which can lead to heartbreak, fraud or physical harm.

Any company offering an online dating service in New York State must warn their members of the risks of meeting someone for the first time.

We have all heard of stories where a woman will meet a man on a dating site, jump head over heels for him, and invite him to her home, without ever doing a thorough background check on the individual. How often have we heard of a woman relocating to another state or country for love, only to discover that the man was married with children or worse, wanted by the FBI? Or a man who sends money to a love interest for a romantic meet-up, but the woman disappears with the money and is never heard from again.

If you do decide to use an online dating service, it is vital to read the service's guidelines and check your local, state and federal laws about online dating. This can be tricky, because if you live in one state, but the online dating company has its headquarters in another state or country, the laws may be different, and you may not have any recourse if something should go wrong. Most dating sites will deny any type of responsibilities or liabilities if you become the victim of a criminal act perpetrated by an individual you meet online.

Unfortunately, many dating sites do not do a background check on its members; that task will be solely on you. So, if you ever decide to join an online dating service, always exercise common sense by putting safety first before getting involved with anyone you meet on an online dating site.

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