Monday, June 15, 2015

Best Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon

Recently, we asked some of our friends on social media to provide us with the best destinations for a honeymoon. We were flooded with so many places and decided to list them all. So if you are planning a wedding, which includes a dreamy honeymoon, considers these locations:

Myrtle Beach - Hawaii - Florida - Bali. Visit for discounted destinations.

Little Inn By The Bay at Newport Beach, CA, USA. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon on the beach...Check out the link for further details -

Charleston SC, especially Kiawah Island and this magical place called Sanctuary Hotel  - It is really expensive and worth it.

Now if you want a European destination, check out Ciragan Palace

St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) with very nice and beautiful beaches.

Venice, Italy! Even George Clooney has chosen it! (Get the best of your Venice trip by clicking here.

Puerto Rico or anywhere in the Caribbean, especially if you stay at Sandals Resort, and Florida Keys is another amazing location.

The Hawaiian Islands – a favorite place for love travelers. Islands are washed by waters of the Pacific Ocean. The rich exotic nature charms, picturesque landscapes, and a variety of flora and fauna. At your service, comfortable hotels on an ocean coast, entertainment complexes, dishes of ethnic cuisine and fascinating excursions on the savanna. Hawaii is famous for the best beaches for windsurfing. Fans of extreme sports can plunge on an ocean floor and take pleasure in beauty of the underwater world. The Hawaiian Islands breathe romanticism. The honeymoon which is carried out in an environment of the American comfort and national Hawaiian culture will become the brightest travel in your life.

1000 Islands, a group of more than 1,000 small islands in east central North America in the St. Lawrence River just east of Lake Ontario. Most are part of southeastern Ontario, and the rest are part of northern New York; many are privately owned. Ontario, Canada offers a unique vacation with a spectacular view and very friendly down home hospitality. For more information, go to

Hyatt Hotel in Aruba is really breathtaking. You are right on the Ocean, which is crystal blue. You got all sorts of water sports, a great casino, and more.

Consider Tenerife or Teneriffe, located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the northwestern coast of Africa and largest of the Canary Islands. If you wish to rent an apartment, click here.

Ocean Varadero El Patriarca is a five-star all-inclusive beachfront resort located on Cuba's gorgeous Varadero beach and has 2 meeting rooms. It also has a wedding gazebo with impressive ocean views for holding weddings in a unique and exclusive setting.

Maldives wins hands down - pure romantic paradise.

So, there you have it. If you know of a great honeymoon destination, post it in the comment section.
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