Monday, May 18, 2015

Something to Say About Being with a Man Who Does Not Value You by Vivienne Diane Neal

There’s a saying, “When a man shows you who he really is, believe him.” This reminds me of a court case I recently saw on TV. The woman was engaged to her significant other, and they had been together for nine years, but he made it very clear that being faithful to her was not in the cards, even though he professed his love for her, and she in turn loved him.

For one reason or another, many women get involved and become engaged to men knowing what their true intentions are: making every woman happy and one woman miserable, and that discontented woman will end up being you. For some men, being faithful to one woman is not one of their strong suits, but women will still marry them because they love these guys, unconditionally, and don’t want to end up being alone.

But in reality, you are alone. To think that being engaged to a man and loving him while he is attempting to bed every women on earth, says he will never respect you, because in his mind, you are nothing more than a vessel for him to use at will. And as long you continue to remain with this man, you are allowing him to disrespect you and put your health at risk. And don’t think for one second that after the marriage he will change. This is not likely to happen unless there is some divine intervention.

Loving yourself plays a great role when it comes to loving someone else. If you have a low-opinion of yourself, you will most likely attract a man who does not value himself. So, it stands to reason, if he does not revere himself, he will never show admiration for you or any of the women he meets throughout his life.

This does not mean that you will feel good about yourself every single day. Heck, there are days when most of us don’t like ourselves. But this does not mean that you should allow someone else to come into your life and disregard your feelings on a daily basis. Remember, you can do well all by yourself. 

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