Monday, April 13, 2015

When a First Date is Just a Date and Nothing More by Vivienne Diane Neal

Many times, women talk about the men they keep meeting on various online dating sites. When these men take them out to dinner on the first date and foot the bill, they automatically assume that the women owe them a booty call. Most women cannot understand why they keep attracting these frame of mind men. And this is where examining the men’s personal profiles is extremely important.

When a man is just seeking a sexual encounter, a friend with benefits or just a one night stand, somewhere in his personal profile, he will let it be known. But if you are not interested in a sexual relationship early on, then you have to be forthright and let the man know what you will or will not do on a first date.

Now when you decide to compose an online profile, there are several key words which you can use as a guide to help you weed out those just looking-for-sex individuals. Mention what type of relationship you are interested in, and be honest. If you are seeking a friendship, a long or short-term relationship, a marriage-minded person, a life-time partner, or an activity partner without the sex, then say so. Whether you're advertising on the World Wide Web or in a printed publication, you want to make a first-rate impression and catch the attention of the kind of person you are interested in attracting, or the one who will ascribe to the same attributes and interests that you are seeking. Some of these words can include: give, describe, mention, highlight, inform, and be and when. Of course, you may come up with other terms to help create an appealing summary of yourself, a summary that won’t say, “I am only interested in sexual relationship.”

Finding the right person on online dating sites can be daunting but using common sense when searching through profiles and reading between the lines will save you a lot of disappointments on that first date. Of course, you can always go Dutch treat. This way there will be no misunderstandings or soaring expectations from the man’s end.

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