Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Vicki Brooks, Founder and Editor of EMbraceUS Multicultural Magazine

Vicki Brooks, Editor
EMbraceUS Multicultrual Magazine
Since a young child, I have always been interested in other cultures and ways of life. I have always enjoyed reading stories and watching movies with a diverse line-up of characters - the more diversity the better. When I would read about different regions of the world, I would imagine myself being in and enjoying these places. Needless to say, I have always enjoyed being around different people. One of my favorite television shows is House Hunters International because it takes me into homes and countries around the world from my sofa. One of my BIGGEST dreams is to visit other countries to study the cultures and lifestyles of others around the world.

I have three beautiful children, whom I have raised to always base their relationships and life encounters with people on character and principle, instead of differences.#

That was such an inspirational introduction. Please share with our readers more about the magazine. EMbraceUS Multicultural Magazine was created to highlight topics of interest revolving around the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic communities and is a magazine for people who are connected through that intangible thing - "the SOUL." This magazine is for those who are culturally diverse and ethnically eccentric. EMbraceUS Multicultural Magazine allows souls to connect without skin color, gender, religion or culture being a differentiating factor.

What inspired the magazine? The inspiration for this magazine came when I was visiting the magazine section of a bookstore and saw nothing that resembled EMbraceUS. As Oprah would say, “I had an Aha moment.” Instead of merely voicing my opinion, I decided to make a difference by creating EMbraceUS Multicultural Magazine.

What do you hope to achieve with the magazine? I hope to enlighten and educate individuals by sharing culturally diverse lifestyles and experiences from around the corner, as well as, around the world. I also hope that this magazine will reach the masses who feel there is limited literature available to reach those of Blended Beauty.#

Thank you, Vicki, for giving our readers a snapshot into the world of EMbraceUS Multicultural Magazine. We wish you every success in your endeavors.

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Sarah London said...

Vicki Brooks is a great person, she has done so much for multicultural acceptance, I simply admire her!